FIX: Incredibly Small Font in Outlook When Composing Emails

Quite a few Outlook users have been and continue to be affected by a pretty bizarre issue where the text font for their emails becomes incredibly small – so small that text becomes illegible, even though the font size is set to a pretty normal value. All users affected by this problem see that it only shows up when they try to compose emails (both new messages and reply emails) using Outlook.

This issue causes text font to become entirely illegible, and that is an extremely significant problem. Thankfully, the cause of this issue has been identified, and it is an incorrect zoom factor – not an extremely small font size as most users affected by this issue believe. This problem can be solved pretty easily by simply resetting the zoom factor back to its normal value, turning the illegible small font when composing emails back to its usual size. If you want to correct your zoom factor in Outlook to resolve this problem, you need to:

Launch Outlook

Start composing a new email message. It doesn’t matter if you choose to compose a new email message or a reply to one of the emails in your inbox.

If you are using Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2016, navigate to the Format Text tab of the ribbon at the top. If you are using Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013, however, navigate to the Message tab of the ribbon at the top.

Click on Zoom.

In the Zoom dialog box that opens up, select 100% under the Zoom to

Click on OK to save your new zoom settings and close the Zoom dialog box. As soon as the dialog box closes, you will see that your zoom factor has been reset to its default value, turning the illegibly small font that you see when composing email messages back to its default size.


Kevin Arrows

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