How to Increase or Decrease the Font Size in Notepad++

Notepad++ is a free source code editor for Microsoft Windows operating system. It provides additional features, which are not available in the standard Windows Notepad. Unlike other text editors, Notepad++ does not have a font format in the toolbars or in the menu bar. Some users are having a hard time finding the font size option for Notepad++ and stuck on Motepad++ default font size. Many others will have the issue of very small or large text in their Notepad++ that they cannot change. In this article, you will find methods through which you can easily change the Notepad++ font size.

Font size in Notepad++

1. Change Font Size of Notepad++

Most text editors have the font size menu available in the toolbars. However, on Notepad++, you will not find that option in the toolbar. The font format option for Notepad++ is available in the settings window. There is also a shortcut available for increasing and decreasing the font size in the editor. In the below steps, you will find both ways to change the font size in the editing area:

  1. Open the Notepad++ by double-clicking the shortcut or searching it through the Windows search feature.
  2. Now add the text or simply open the text file by clicking on the File menu and choosing the Open option. This will provide a preview of the changes.
    Opening a file in Notepad++
  3. The easiest and quickest way to change text size is by using the shortcut. Hold the Ctrl key, use the mouse Scroll Wheel up and down to increase or decrease the font size in the editor.
  4. Another way is to click on the Settings menu and choose Style Configurator.
    Opening Style Configurator
  5. Under the Font Style, you can choose different font styles and sizes for Notepad++. Make sure to tick the Enable global font, size, and other options for the changes you want.
    Changing the Font size

2. Changing Font Size for Tabs

Back in the previous versions of Notepad++, there was a size issue with tab font. Users were getting bigger font on tabs without even changing any settings. However, that is fixed, but the option is there to change it to a bigger font or smaller. The tab font is pretty small by default and you barely see it on larger screens. You can change it to big size for a better view by changing a single option in the settings. Check out the below steps for making the tab font bigger or smaller:

  1. Open the Notepad++ by double-clicking on the shortcut or searching through the Windows search feature.
  2. You can type some text or open a text file to see the changes through it.
  3. Click on the Settings menu and choose the Preferences option.
    Opening Preferences option in Notepad++
  4. Now in the Tab Bar, tick the Reduce option if your tab font is bigger.
  5. If you want to make the tab font bigger, then untick the Reduce option.
    Changing tab size through Reduce option
  6. Click on the Close button and your tab font will be different now. You can always revert it back by using the same option again.

3. Making Sure the Editor is Not Zoomed In or Out

Sometimes the Zoom feature also makes the font small and big. By restoring the zoom feature to default, it will show the correct size of the font for the editor. This is just an additional method that can resolve the issue for some users stuck with the zoom issue. Follow the below steps to easily fix it:

  1. Search for Notepad++ through the Windows search feature or simply double-click the shortcut to open it.
  2. Add the text or simply open a file by clicking the File > Open option. This will give you a preview of the changes in the editor.
  3. Now click on the View menu in the menu bar, select Zoom, and then click on the Restore Default Zoom option.
    Restoring the Zoom option in Notepad++
  4. This will reset the zoom option if the editor was zoomed in or zoomed out.

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