Fix: Cant Load Images in Microsoft Teams Chat

Microsoft Teams can’t load images in the chat mainly due to non-compatible devices/OS. This error can also be caused by a non-supported browser or an outdated version of Teams. In this error, the user adds an image to Teams chat and that image is not shown to the other user; only a placeholder will be shown.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft officials haven’t commented on the problem as well. This is a very common scenario and can be resolved easily using the workarounds listed below. Make sure that you have your credentials at hand as you might be required to log in again.

What Stops Images from Loading in Microsoft Teams Chat?

  • NonSupported Browser: Teams support nearly all modern browsers. But if it is having a compatibility issue with a browser then it may stop showing images in that browser.
  • Non-Compatible Device/OS: Microsoft Teams is a multi-platform app. If the OS/device you are using with the Teams has compatibility issues, then the user may face the current problem.
  • Outdated Version of Teams: Updated versions of an app will keep your system safe from many problems. If you are using an outdated version of Teams, you may encounter the error under discussion.

Loading Images in Microsoft Teams Chat

Before trying any solution

  1. If you have added images recently in the chat, then wait for at least 30-60 minutes as sometimes Teams (due to software glitch) takes that much time to show a preview of the image. During this time only a placeholder will be shown.
  2. There is a scenario in which pictures posted in a chat disappear in approximately one week. In that case, after solving the problem by using the under mentioned solutions, you should run e-discovery (Conduct an E-Discovery Investigation and Manage E-Discovery Cases) to find out such images.

1. Use a Different Browser

Microsoft Teams can be used with a variety of browsers. If the browser you are using has a compatibility problem with Microsoft Teams, then it can force the non-loading of images. In that case, using a different browser (Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge are recommended) may solve the problem.

  1. Launch the alternate browser and Open Microsoft Teams and log-in using your credentials.
  2. Now add an image to any of the chats and see if it is working fine now.

2. Change Device/OS

Microsoft Teams is a multi-platform application. The application version of the OS/device you are using to access Teams can cause the error under discussion due to a software glitch. Mobile versions of Teams are known to create similar issues. In that case, using another OS version of the app (use of Teams Desktop application or web version is recommended) may solve the problem.

  1. Launch Desktop/Web version of Teams.
  2. Now add an image to any of the chats and see if it has started to work properly. If it does, consider updating your OS properly (also the Teams app running in it).

3. Update App to the Latest Version

Microsoft updates Teams frequently to add new features, improve performance and patch any software/hardware loopholes. If you are using an outdated version of Teams, then you may encounter the non-loading of images. In that case, updating Teams to the latest version may solve the problem. For illustration purposes, we will update the Windows version of Teams. You may follow the instructions as per your OS.

  1. Launch Teams.
  2. Click on the profile picture and then on Check for updates.
    Check For Teams Updates
  3. A message near the title bar will appear that “we will check and install any updates while you continue to work”.
    We Will Check and Install Updates
  4. After some time, another message will appear that “one last step to the latest version, click to refresh now
  5. Then Teams will relaunch and a notification will appear that you are now using the latest version of Teams.
  6. Now add an image to any of the chats and see if the issue is resolved for good.


Here are some additional tips which we gathered as per user experience:

  • Try logging in Teams as a member, and not as a guest. Guest accounts usually have fewer permissions and privileges. They might cause you restricted access to the application.
  • Check your organization’s administrator. There are several instances where organizations have disabled the usage of images in the Team’s chat. Enabling the option from the backend might solve the problem.
  • You can also try changing to a different internet connection. Some ISP’s are known to block certain streams which may cause Teams to get restricted access as well. Try using a mobile hotspot for testing purposes.

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