Intel i7-13700HX Spotted In The Wild, Features 16 Core / 24 Thread Configuration

Another mobile CPU from Intel’s Raptor Lake lineup has leaked out. This time, we have the i7-13700HX, following the 13900HX which was benchmarked a few days prior. The laptop featured in this test is an upcoming model from Lenovo. What’s interesting is that despite being a ‘next-gen’ machine, Lenovo has opted for NVIDIA’s Ampere instead of Lovelace


Courtesy of Geekbench, the i7-13700HX ships with 16 cores / 24 threads. As many know, the Raptor Lake HX mobile CPUs will make use of the desktop dies, so these CPUs do pack some power. The 13700HX features 30MB of L3 cache in contrast to the 25MB featured on the i7-12800HX. As for the clocks, this CPU has a base frequency of 2.1GHz which goes as high as 5GHz based on this benchmark.

No power metric has been stated. So based on the last HX lineup, the 13700HX can have a base power of 55W and a max turbo power draw of 157W

Intel i7-13700HX | Geekbench

Interestingly, the laptop uses NVIDIA’s RTX 3070 Ti mobile GPU. This means that despite Ada’s introduction to the market, manufacturers are still keen on using last-gen graphics solutions. It may be possible that these GPUs either don’t offer that much of a leap over Ampere or they require a lot of power. 

Either way, Intel’s Raptor Lake mobile SKUs are set to launch sometime later this year. However, a small delay to CES could be possible since that’s in the first week of January. The HX lineup will launch much later than the base variants. Expect a possible release date sometime in Q2-Q3 2023. The scaling improvements from generation to generation are impressive, although they still stand lower than what AMD plans to offer.

CPUCores/ThreadsTDPBase ClocksMax Frequency

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