Huawei Registers For “Huawei Mate Watch” App: Suggests a New Smartwatch and Much more!

Huawei is probably one of the fastest growing tech companies out there. With their devices, their flagships reaching brand new heights, we saw some amazing products from the company. Not to mention, they are now in the works to make their Harmony OS come to their devices. Ever since Google pulled its services as a result of the trade dispute, this has caused issues for Huawei. They have not been able to make use of Google Mobile Services (GMS). Huawei’s major lineup includes the Mate series. There are the powerhouse of the bunch and provide some degree of performance devices. We see mobile phones in the series and a set of laptop devices as well. It looks like though, that the company is looking to expand the lineup. In a report from, the company is looking to introduce a new smartwatch to the lineup: the Mate Watch!

More to the Mate Family?

As the article suggests, the company currently has a series of smartwatches, the Watch GT 2 and 2e. They are looking to transition into this one trademark name: Mate. They believe that the Mate Watch will be announced along with the Mate 40 series of devices in the 3rd or 4th quarter of the year. It is still unknown what specs the watch may feature. I’d like to believe that the company may opt for the Harmony OS for this Mate Watch. It would certainly be a premium feature, bold enough for the name. They got to know of this information when Huawei filed for a trademark for an application. This application was associated with the name: “Huawei Mate Watch”. This certainly raises certain peoples’ attention. Additionally, they believe that the company may be aiming at a whole lineup for the Mate series. These may include Headphones, Smart speakers, and so on!


Sarmad Burki

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