How To Use A Jetpack in Starfield in 3 Easy Steps [2024]

Key Takeaways
  • To obtain a jetpack in Starfield, complete the One Small Step mission or loot from corpses, though the latter has randomized outcomes.
  • Unlock the Boost Pack Training skill via the Skills menu under Tech section to use a jetpack; initially, you only need to unlock the first level.
  • Equip the jetpack through the Inventory's Packs option, then use it by double-pressing and holding the jump key (Spacebar for PC, Y for Xbox) to navigate planets more effectively.

Jetpacks are the go-to method for traversing planets in Starfield. And while you might expect such an essential tool to be a beginner-level item, that’s not the case here. So how does one get and use a jetpack? Find out below!

How Do I Get a Jetpack?

A jetpack, termed “Boost Pack” in the game, can be earned early into the game. However if you’re someone who has to explore the game first without bothering the main story, you can get one that way too. At any rate, here are the easiest ways to get a jetpack:

  1. Complete the One Small Step mission in the main story.
  2. Loot corpses in hopes of finding one.
Completing the One Small Step mission will get you a jetpack | ZaFrostPet

Since the loot drops are randomized, you may or may not end up finding a jetpack early. Therefore, it’s best to just complete the main mission and move on.

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How To Use a Jetpack

Although you’ve got a jetpack, you still can’t use it as is. To use a jetpack, you need to have unlocked the Boost Pack Training skill. This skill is unlocked by default for those who chose any 1 of these 2 backgrounds: Soldier or Bounty Hunter. For those who chose another class, they can unlock the skill by following the steps below:

1. Unlocking the Boost Pack Training skill

  1. First off, navigate to the Skills menu in the Pause Menu.
    The “Skills” menu can be found in the top-right corner
  2. Now, head on over to the Tech section.
    The “Tech” section will be the last section in the “Skills” menu
  3. The Boost Pack Training should be a skill with a jetpack icon. Select it.
    The skill with the jetpack icon is the “Boost Pack Training” skill
  4. The skill should cost only 1 skill point. Unlock it and return to the game.
    The skill should cost only 1 skill point

Boost Pack Training has 4 levels, and each level unlocks more perks for jetpacks. However, we only need to unlock the first level to be able to use a jetpack.

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2. Equipping the jetpack

After you’ve unlocked the Boost Pack Training skill, you’ll need to equip your jetpack in order to use it. Here’s how you can do this:

  1. In the Pause Menu, navigate to your Inventory.
    The “Inventory” can be accessed by selecting the bottom-right part
  2. In the Inventory menu, select the Packs option.
    Select the “Packs” option
  3. Choose your desired jetpack from the list and select it to equip it.
    Choose and equip your choice of jetpack

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3. Using the jetpack

Finally, you can move around on planets faster and more easily using the jetpack. To use it, simply double-press the jump key, and hold down the key on the second press depending on how long you want to be afloat for. Depending on the platform, this key can be:

Each jetpack has a fuel capacity that drains readily when the jetpack is activated, although it does replenish automatically over time and does not require any other resource or material. However, each jetpack has its own capacity and capabilities. The advanced ranks of the Boost Pack training skill also determine the capabilities of your jetpack.

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Starfield is game where you’re going to visit a large number of planets. This means that you’ll encounter worlds that have different gravity levels and different weather conditions. So, making sure that your gear and supplies are in order is essential.

A jetpack is an integral part of your gear and without it, traversing gravity-intensive planets would be really hard. Therefore, make sure to upgrade the Boost Pack Training skill and get the best possible jetpack.


How does a jetpack work?

A jetpack, referred to as “boost pack” in Starfield, is a device that allows you lift off the ground at the cost of fuel. The fuel is infinite, but takes some time to recharge.

Where can I find a jetpack?

You can get a jetpack as soon as you complete the One Small Step main mission. The alternative for this would be to kill and loot corpses, although this would be quite impractical as the loot drops are randomized. However, if you chose the Bounty Hunter or Soldier background for your character, you’ll receive a jetpack from the start.

What requirements do I need to fulfill before using a jetpack?

You must have a jetpack equipped and the Boost Pack Training skill unlocked in order to use a jetpack.

How do I use a jetpack?

To use a jetpack, double-press the Spacebar/Y button, depending on your platform, and hold down the key on the second press to boost your character upwards.


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