How to Use Grammarly with Microsoft Word for Free

For most office jobs, grammar skills are very important because they make the content you’re easy to read and understandable. But making sure that your grammar is top of the line with every report or material that you make takes time and will actually hurt your productivity. In this case, a tool like Grammarly can be just what you need to help you find grammar errors.

Using Grammarly to check for grammar errors
Using Grammarly to check for grammar errors

Sure, it’s not as good a human editor, but it comes pretty darn close. It’s capable of checking for spelling errors, verb agreement, subject agreement, sentence formation, punctuation mistakes and a lot more if you go beyond the free version.

If you work with words a lot, chances are you are already using Grammarly since it’s already the most popular online and offline checking tool. But did you know that Grammarly also offers a free extension that will allow you to use it with Microsoft Word and other Microsoft Office tools?

Most users make use of the free Grammarly extensions or add-ons for Firefox and Chrome to correct emails, blog posts, and social media post. You can also use it their own editor to store and paste documents for automatic proofread.

Grammarly Chrome extension
Grammarly Chrome extension

How to use Grammarly with Microsoft Word

I’ve been using Grammarly for a while now, but I only recently discovered that you can also use it with the Word Editor as a Microsoft Office extension. This is great because we all know that the default proofreading feature of Word is certainly not reliable.

The steps of installing Grammarly as a Microsoft Office extension are a little more tedious than just enabling the extension in your browser, but we’ll guide you through the whole thing.

Follow the steps below to install Grammarly on Microsoft Office and use it with Microsoft Word:

  1. Visit this link (here) and click the Free Download button to download the Office extension version of the software.
    Downloading Grammarly Office extension
    Downloading Grammarly Office extension
  2. Double-click on the GrammarlyAddInSetup.exe (the installation executable that you’ve just downloaded)
  3. Click Get Started at the first installation prompt.
  4. Select the Office products that you want to use the Grammarly extension on. Then, click the Install button to begin the installation process.
    Selecting the products that you'll use Grammarly in
    Selecting the products that you’ll use Grammarly in

    Note: Make sure that any instance of Word or Outlook is not running before you hit the Install button.

  5. Once the installation is complete, create a Grammarly account or log-in with your existing one.
    Log-in with your Grammarly credentials
    Log-in with your Grammarly credentials

    Note: Keep in mind that Grammarly will not function with Microsoft Word if you hit the Skip button and don’t log in with your user credentials.

  6. Once the setup is complete, open an existing or create a new Word document. Then, go to the ribbon bar at the tab an click on the Grammarly tab. From there, simply click on Open Grammarly and the proofreading tool will automatically kick into action.
    Open Grammarly from Microsoft Word
    Open Grammarly from Microsoft Word
  7. Now that you have configured the Grammarly extension, it will become available with every document that you open on Word. The only downside of using Grammarly with Word is that you will not have the ability Undo ability (Ctrl + Z) while the extension is active.
    Checking grammar errors with Grammarly in Microsoft Word
    Checking grammar errors with Grammarly in Microsoft Word

Installing Grammarly as a desktop app on Windows

If you’d like to have he error correcting capabilities of Grammarly with all your desktop applications, not just Word, you can install the Grammarly desktop app instead.

  1. Visit this link (here) and download the desktop version of Grammarly by clicking the Download Grammarly for Windows button.
    Downloading Grammarly for Windows
    Downloading Grammarly for Windows
  2. Open the GrammarlySetup executable and see how the application works by clicking the Next button several times.
    Going through Grammarly's training screens
    Going through Grammarly’s training screens
  3. Press the Get started button to complete the installation setup.
    Completing Grammarly's desktop installation setup
    Completing Grammarly’s desktop installation setup
  4. Login with your Grammarly credentials or create a new free account if you don’t have one.
    Login with your Grammarly account
    Log in with your Grammarly account
  5. Shortly after you insert your login credentials, you’ll see the dashboard menu. You can use it to create a new document, import a local one or search for past projects.
    Grammarly desktop's dashboard
    Grammarly desktop’s dashboard

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