How to Use 800Notes to Find Unidentified Callers

800Notes is an interesting website that helps you get information on the unknown caller ID’s on your phone. It is free of cost, doesn’t charge you even a dollar, and it might actually help you find the details on the person who is prank calling you or is just troubling you for the sake of it. 800Notes also gives its users a chance to have the number reported so that the authorities can take action regarding the spam calls.

This is what the website looks like. It is easy to access, easy to understand, and definitely easier to find a person who is a prank caller, and has been calling other numbers as well.

The website for 800Notes

How 800Notes Works

  • You enter a phone number in the space provided, as highlighted by the arrow in the previous image. You can type a number that has called you a number of times and you don’t recognize them and feel that this is just another spam call.
  • Pressing the search tab, will make 800Notes, find you people who have reported this number, or have received calls from the same number.
    I entered the number on the search bar for 800Notes, and the website showed me a large number of results for the number and comments that showed that this number is a scammer.

Why Should You Use 800Notes

With an increase in crimes like identity thefts, credit card detail thefts and many more similar thefts, it is very important for every citizen of the country to remain informed about what is happening around them. Especially when these incidents are often seen happening through phone calls.

Scammers or thieves fetch all the information they need to through such phone calls, where they either pretend to be an official representative of the firm you have an account with or try to be someone authoritative so that the person attending the call would get intimidated and would give them the answers for the questions asked.

This is why it is highly important to be vigilant when you get phone calls from numbers which show ‘unknown’ as a caller ID. If the number that has called you is a scammer, there are chances you are not their first catch, which is why 800Notes, collects all the complaints against such numbers and shows the comments made by these people about the same number that is trying to reach you.

This isn’t just a great way to save others from such scams, but also, a great way to catch these scammers and reduce such crimes for the country. Having said that, this is not just a place to find scamming numbers, but information about other unlisted numbers as well who could have called you just as a business marketing procedure or a charity funds raising call and did not leave any message for you.

800Notes has developed over the period, and has a number of discussion boards for users and also has articles which could help you understand why you get so many calls from unknown numbers and how you can respond to calls which are from unknown or unlisted numbers.


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