Upload Images to Instagram from Edge, Chrome or Firefox

So I have a few pages on Instagram which I sometimes find hard to handle because you have to keep changing the profile for the page you want to post it on. So I thought why not use the laptop for posting on one of my pages. That would be more convenient for me. I didn’t want to download the desktop application, so I accessed their website. When you open Instagrams website, it does not allow you to post pictures from the computer. Buzzkill right? What now? Well,  we have got you covered. I found this super cool and easy way to post on your Instagram from your computer. For this, you will be using the Inspect Element for the browser you are using.

Upload Image on Instagram from Google Chrome

Here is how you can use the Inspect Element on your Google Chrome to post pictures on Instagram from the computer.

  1. Open your web browser and sign in to the Instagram Account to post on.
    Log in to your Instagram account from Instagrams website on your computer.
  2. Open the Inspect Element for the browser now.
    Open the Inspect Element which is what will help you change the view of the webpage.
  3. Now when the Inspect Element appears on the screen, this is how your window will look like as shown in the image above. You need to locate the icon which looks like a tab and a phone screen. This is what you will click on next. This basically is going to help you change the view of the website to a phones view instead of a desktop view.
    This the is the icon which will lead you to additional options that can be accessed to change the view of the website for a mobile, instead of a desktop to help you post from your computer.
  4. Now towards the left side of the screen, the view for your Instagram has been changed, but this change is not permanent as yet. First, you need to select one of the options from the ‘Responsive’ dropdown list that will appear. 
    This basically is showing you a preview of your web[age and how it will appear. You need to select a type of phone under the ‘Responsive’ list.
  5. Out of the options that appear, you can choose any of the options for a phone. Once you have selected one of the options, you have to refresh the same screen so that the changes made are made permanent.
    Select any of these. I chose the one for iPhone 6/7/8
  6. You will now see the tabs at the end of the page for home, search, adding images, notifications and viewing your Instagram page. Now, since you have made the changes permanent, you can now post images on your Instagram from your desktop.
    Your view for the webpage has now been changed. You can upload pictures from your laptop or computer now following the same methods as used on Instagram for phone
  7.  Follow the same process as you do for Instagram on phone. Click on the ‘+’ icon which is the icon right in the center out of the options present at the end of the screen.
    Use the plus icon to add an image to your Instagram account.
  8.  Your images gallery for your computer will open as an extended box. You can select the image you want to from here, and simply press the tab for ‘Open’.
    Select one, or a bunch of pictures from your computer that you would like to post on Insta
  9. When you select an image on your phone to add on Instagram, you are directed to different options for editing and adding filters to the image.
    Add them, and then edit it accordingly.
  10. Add a description, tag your friends or customers, and Share the picture.
    Add the description. Add the hashtags. and tag people you want to in the picture that you are about to post on Insta
  11. Once you press the share button, Instagram asks you if you want to add it to your home screen. If you are planning to use the Desktop often for this job, then adding it to the home screen would be a great idea. You can also install the application for desktop now.
    Adding Instagram to your home screen will help you access it quickly the next time you want to use the webpage
    Download the app if you need it.
  12. Your picture has been successfully been added to your Instagram from your computer.
    Your picture has been added to your Instagram account.
  13. When you click on the picture, you can see the three dots at the right end of the screen. You can use these settings for additional changes to your image.
    When you click on the picture, you can find the settings to edit it.
    Use these options to delete, share or edit the image if you need to make any changes.


Upload Image on Instagram from Microsoft Edge

You can use Microsoft Edge as well as your browser and follow the steps as mentioned below to post pictures on Instagram from your Computer.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge, Sign in to your account on Instagram. The webpage would show no ‘+’ sign to add an image like we usually see on the Instagram app for a phone. To change that now, open the Inspect Element on Microsoft Edge by pressing Ctrl +  Shift + I, all the same time.
    This is how your screen will look like now


  2. Follow the arrow as shown in the image above to open the ‘Emulation’ tab for your webpage.
    This is where you can change the display of your screen.


  3. On the right side of the page, you will find the heading for Device, you need to use the options under this heading and select a phone, to view Instagram as you see it on your phone. I selected iPhone 7, and the website looked something like this as shown int the image above. Without going back or refreshing this page, you need to use the + button now on Instagram to upload images to your Instagram page.
    Add an image


  4. Follow the steps as you do on your phone for adding an image, including the diting, the caption and tags, you can now successfully share it on your Instagram, just like I did.
    Successful uploading a picture from Microsoft Edge


Upload Image on Instagram from Firefox

If you tend to use Firefox as your regular browser, you can also upload your photos/ videos using your computer. Follow these steps.

  1. Login to your instagram account and right click on the empty area. Select “Inspect Element” option to launch Firefox Inspector tool. Navigate to the top right of Firefox inspector and click on mobile like icon to launch Responsive Design Mode.
  2. Inside Responsive mode, select the type of device from the dropdown list. It would automatically refresh the page according to your selection.
  3. At the top left corner of your instagram account, you would see a Camera icon that was not visible before. Click this icon and choose the image file you want to upload to your instagram account.


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