How To Un-Repost A TikTok Video in 5 Easy Steps [2024]

Reposting videos on TikTok is a feature a lot of users utilize to share their favorite content with their followers. However, sometimes one can accidently share a video or may have a change of heart later. Worry not as this is an easy fix.

This guide will take you through the steps of un-reposting a TikTok video. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into it.

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What is a Repost on TikTok?

Reposting a video on TikTok allows you to share it with your followers. The video will appear in your follower’s feed, where they can watch and enjoy it as well. The username and profile icon of the original creator is visible on the video. Users can tap on any one of them to view the original creators’ account, making reposting ethical and morally-correct as well.

This feature is helpful as it allows creators to keep their audience engaged, especially if they are unable to upload newer content.

Can You Un-Repost a TikTok?

It is possible that you mistakenly repost a TikTok or later on realize that the TikTok you reposted is not suitable for your followers. It can be something controversial or inappropriate depending on your scenario. In such cases you can un-repost a TikTok easily with the steps mentioned ahead. Just make sure that you do this as soon as possible so that very few people see the repost.

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How To Un-Repost a TikTok

Un-reposting a TikTok is a very simple process, just follow these steps:

Step 1. Tap the profile icon

Launch the TikTok app, you will most probably be on your homepage. Tap on the Profile icon present at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Tap on the Profile icon

Step 2. Tap on the repost option

On your profile, select the repost option present in the middle of the screen. Doing so will reveal all the videos you have reposted.

Tap on the repost option

Step 3. Locate the specific video

If the video you want to un-repost is a recent one, it will appear in the start. If it’s an older video scroll down until you locate the video just like you’d use TikTok normally. Once found, tap on it.

Step 4. Select the Share to option

When the video opens, select the “Share to” option. The option will look like a right-handed arrow, present just below the favorites option.

Tap the Share to button

Step 5. Tap on Remove repost

This will reveal the options through which you can share this video with other people. However, the first option will be Remove repost. Once you tap on it, the video will be removed from your reposts.

Tap the “Remove repost” button

After completing these steps, the shared video will not appear in your followers feed as being shared by you. However, it can still appear through the original creator’s profile or repost by another account they follow.

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By following the above-mentioned steps, you should be able to remove a repost. In future be more careful while reposting content especially if it’s against TikTok’s guidelines or not suitable for your followers. Feel free to drop any questions down below. Until next time. Ciao


Can others still see the TikTok video I un-reposted?

Yes, the video can still be seen through the original creator’s profile or if it’s reposted by another account that your followers follow.

Is there a time limit for un-reposting a TikTok?

It’s advisable to un-repost as soon as possible to minimize the number of people who see the reposted video.

Can I un-repost multiple TikTok videos at once?

The process involves removing one repost at a time, so you need to repeat the steps for each video you want to un-repost.

How can I be more careful while reposting content on TikTok?

Before reposting, review the content to ensure it complies with TikTok’s guidelines and is suitable for your audience. Always consider the potential impact on your followers.


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