How to Type Squared Symbol on Windows, iPhone and on Android

Squared symbols can be used for a lot of reasons when texting. While you can find an easy shortcut on both, Android and Windows phone, but for an iPhone you will have to make a shortcut to use it on your phone. You can follow the steps as mentioned below to write down the squared or cubed symbol on your phone.

Android Phone

Since I am an android user, I would like to start with my phone. Using squared symbol on an android can be super easy as it has the symbol built-in the phones number keys which can be accessed through the following steps.

  1. Open the keyboard for your phone, and open the numeric keypad to see all the numbers on your phone’s screen.
    You definitely won’t be using squared symbols for a name. I just wrote my name as an example to see how you can type in the square for this text.
  2. Long press the number 2 as showing on your keyboard. This will open the other options for this key on the keyboard. For an Android, this is where you will find the Squared symbol.
    Choose the one that you require.

    You can also use a Cube symbol by long-pressing the number 3.

    Cube Root
  3. This is how the square symbol will look like.
    The square symbol on the Android phone.

Windows Phone

The Android Phones and Windows Phone might work in the same way when talking about how to use square symbols. Just how we clicked the numbers keypad on the phone, similarly, we will do the same for a Windows phone.

  1. Open the keyboard of your phone. You can open the message window or just the notes app.
    Open your Window’s Phone’s Keypad
  2. Open the numeric keypad now, and long-press the number two until it shows you more hidden options for this key.
    Select the symbol you need to use.


  3. This is how the squared symbol will appear in your text.
    Squared symbol


An iPhone does not have an inbuilt symbol for square or cube symbols. If you are an iPhone user, here is what you need to do.

  1. Open the Settings tab for you phone.
    Settings for iPhone


  2. Keep scrolling down on the screen until you find the tab for ‘Keyboard’.


  3. When you open the settings for Keyboard, you will find the tab for ‘Text Replacement’. Tap on this next.
    Text Replacement will help you add your own symbols or text which can be used as shortcuts when typing.


  4. Tap on the ‘+’ symbol in the top right corner of the screen that now appears. This is basically an adding button for you. By clicking this, you can add any symbol as you like.
    Add a short form, a symbol or pretty much anything related to the ext through this plus sign.


  5. The space for ‘Phrase’ is where you would simply copy and paste any symbol (in this case the squared symbol which I copied from a message sent on an App). The ‘Shortcut’ is where you will write down how you can access this phrase without using a tab for it. You will write down a shortcut for it so that whenever you type the shortcut, you will get the phrase instead. Save it next.
    Phrase and Shortcut
  6. You can try this on your iPhone. Now whenever I type the shortcut ‘^2’ on the keyboard, I see the symbol as a suggestion writes under the space for typing.
    Tap on the symbol and use it whenever you are typing on your iPhone.


Now, while the square symbol is shown as a symbol in all the three kinds of phones, there is another way of squaring your text. You can use the ‘^’ to show the reader that whatever you will write after this will be a power to that number. For instance, 6^2, means, 6 to the power 2.


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