How to Turn Off Tiles in Windows 10

Windows 10 nicely presents desktop interface with a Start Menu and other option  on the left side  & Tiles representing application on the right side .Tile layout shows both Static & Live tile. Tiles displays  information that is useful apparently without opening an app. If you click or tap on a tile , respective application  opens up . For example if you want to open Store , Photos etc. you just have to click or tap on its tile . Live Tiles which gets updated at regular interval , keeps rotating / changing on tile layout . For example News – which shows updated events / headlines , Weather – display current / future weather forecasts on screen without opening an app .Now in terms of users perspective , some user like this feature , on the other hand some user who feel affronted with this live update on screen while working on the Start Menu. Fortunately this issue can be easily addressed as suggested below

Based on user need , we have listed methods below which will help to fix this issue: Both methods are easy to follow however use the one you like.

Apply  Method 1 – Unpin from Start ( Removing Tiles )  , Apply Method 2 – Turning  “ Live Tiles “ OFF  if you don’t want to get regular update / Stop Tiles screen change / rotation  .

Method 1: Unpin from Start

  1. Click Start Or Hold Windows Key
  2. Right Click on a Tile which you want to close
  3. Select “Unpin from Start” & left click on the tile.

This will remove  Tile from start menu .

Method 2: Turning Live Tiles OFF

  1. Click Start or Press Windows Key once.
  2. Right Click on a Live Tile which you want to close
  3. Select “ Turn Live tile off ” under more option” & left click on that

Following method 2  Live Tiles will not get any further update , also animation effect will stop .which helps user who don’t want to get disturbed while working on Start screen. 

You can also Customize Windows 10 Start Menu via Group Policy.


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