How to Translate on Opera Browser

Opera is becoming a popular browser and is being used by many because of its amazing features. Now if you are a user of Opera, and have ended up on a website which is not in a language that you understand, but is something that is important and has been sent by a boss, or a friend, and you must read it, then you might need a translating application for this. Luckily, Opera has a translation extension which can be added to your browser. It helps you read anything online which is in a different language.

To add this extension to your Opera browser, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Opera.
    Opera browser

    When you open the Opera browser, on the top left corner you will notice the O for Opera, which is where you will find all the settings for this browser.

  2. Click on this ‘O’, which is the menu for your Opera.
    Menu for Opera

    While you can go to Google and use a translating website, but adding an extension to your browser makes life just so much easier. Now in the menu, click on the tab for Extension as shown in the image above.

  3. Click on Get Extensions next. This will lead you to all the extensions on Opera which can be added by you to your Opera browser.
    Get Extension. This is where you will find a translating extension for your browser. Note: Google Translate is not the only option you have, but since it is one of the most popularly used extensions, we will opt for it.
  4. This is how a new window will open on the screen with all the add-ons for your Opera browser.
    You can pretty much any extension which you think will be useful for you.
  5. Locate the ‘search for add ons’ bar on the top right side. This will work as a search bar for you, and this is where you will type ‘Google Translator’, to find it easily.
    Just press enter or select one of the options shown by the drop-down list.
  6. Now because we are going to download Google Translate as a translator for your web browser, you will click on the extension.
    Click on Google Translate

    This will lead you to another page, where you will find more direct tabs to finally add it as an extension.

  7. Click on the tab that says ‘add’, as shown in the image below.
    Click on the Plus sign, or Add to Opera, it will start installing the extension. It will take a while so be patient. As soon as the extension is downloaded, a new window will also open. And you will also see the icon for this specific extension right next to your search bar.
    The extension has successfully been installed.
    Right next to the search bar, where you find all your other extensions, you will find Google Translates icon here as well.

    Now that you have downloaded this valuable extension, how are you going to use it? Well, it is super easy to use. Just, for example, I went to a random french website to find something written in a language that I do not understand.

    I selected the French text.

    Now there are two ways to go about it. When you select a text on a website, the icon for Google Translate automatically appears there recognizing the words to be in a foreign language. You can click on this icon to view what this means, just how I simply clicked on this icon, and the app translated the selected text automatically.

    Google Translate, translating the text.

    Or, you can copy the selected text, and click on the icon for Google Translate on the top right corner, and paste it in the space. It will take just a few seconds to translate the selected text.


    You can explore the extension and use its added features to make better use of it.

    This could be one of the best ways to access websites which are crucially important for your work/studies but because they are in a foreign language, you look for alternatives which could give you the same output. Use this extension on your Opera browser, and translate your way through with much ease.


Habiba Rehman

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