How to Track and Trade Cryptocurrency on Android and iOS

Getting Started with Cryptocurrency on Mobile

Getting into crypto currency isn’t exactly hard – you buy some coins, and hopefully they grow in value, right? And sure, maybe it really is that simple if you just going to buy the smallest amount of coins you can and “see what happens”. However, if you want to be even a tiny bit serious about cryptocurrency, there are some mobile apps that make it (much) easier than others.

We aren’t going to spend any time in this article explaining cryptocurrency, or crypto portfolios – we’re assuming you came here with a grasp of what all that is. In this article, we’ll just point you in the direction of the most popular crypto tracker and portfolio apps for mobile devices, and their pros and cons.

Best for Single Portfolio Management and Coin Research


Blockfolio app for mobile devices

While Blockfolio has its competitors, it’s one of the easiest crypto apps to use – and being completely free makes it particularly attractive as well. In fact, TotalCrypto called Blockfolio one of the best-designed crypto trackers on the market.

Blockfolio can track up to 3000 coins, though they must be manually added to your portfolio, which takes quite a bit of time to complete – especially if you have a lot of coins in various cryptocurrencies. Its worth it though, as Blockfolio is one of those rare free apps that doesn’t push ads at you all the time, and it has a price notifications and RSS feeds to stay on top of crypto news.

  • Pro: Fast and reliable price notifications
  • Pro: News integration from Coindesk, etc.
  • Con: Bit of a headache to manually enter all of your holdings.

Best for Ultra Serious Traders and Multiple Portfolios


Delta app for mobile devices

Delta is the primary competitor to Blockfolio, and you should probably read a more in-depth Delta review before choosing one – but its definitely a worthy contender for the #1 spot. If Blockfolio vs Delta was a boxing trilogy, they’d probably each win a fight, and draw the third. It’s that close.

Delta has around over 2,000 supported coins, although most new users will probably stick to the “top 100” list – but ultra-serious investors will enjoy having so many coins to peruse and speculate on. Another awesome thing about Delta is that there is a desktop version, which synchronizes with your mobile app. Delta also has a bigger list of exchanges and coin pairs than Blockfolio, and allows you to track trading fees. That’s actually a pretty vital difference, because you get a more accurate overview of transaction amounts.

  • Pro: Super user-friendly UI
  • Pro: Huge list of supported coins
  • Con: Subscription for multiple portfolios – though its only $4 per month.

Best for Absolutely Free Multiple Portfolio Tracking


Blox app for mobile devices

Blox supports multiple portfolios like Delta, but is absolutely free – not just free in price, but entirely free of ads as well. It supports inputting your exchange API keys, which can automatically display your trades inside the app – and even more notable is the fact you can enter your ERC20/BTC addresses to display incoming/outgoing transactions.

One drawback of Blox is that its not as advanced or feature-rich as Blockfolio or Delta – and language support is a bit limited, as the app really only supports English. That’s probably not much of a concern since you’re reading this article in English, but it does mean there’s less of a global community on Blox.

  • Pro: Absolutely and entirely free, no subscription or advertisements whatsoever.
  • Pro: No need to manually enter trades.
  • Con: Auto trade import limited to a handful of exchanges.


So those are the top three mobile apps for crypto tracking and portfolio management – hopefully, this comparison helped you settle on one. There’re a dozen others out there if you aren’t satisfied, and we’ll throw a few honorable mentions into a list for you:

  • CoinTracking – Popular crypto app that allows you to manage up to 200 trades before you need to upgrade to an unlimited plan.
  • Coinbase – App that makes it super easy to buy various coins, though some users report horrendous waiting times.
  • FatBTC – One of the most popular exchanges in Asia, with multilingual support.

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