How to Tell if Someone has Blocked You on WhatsApp

Sometimes we might feel like a friend of ours is not receiving our messages on WhatsApp and we haven’t heard from them in a long long time. There is a high possibility that this friend of yours has blocked you. There are a few ways in which you can examine whether a person has blocked you on WhatsApp or not. WhatsApp is by far my most favorite app. I am sure there are many out there who love using this app and would love to learn more about it. WhatsApp has made its system extremely strong and it might not be very easy to tell whether someone has blocked you or not.

However, you can closely analyze the following details which could give you a direct hint that the person you have been waiting for is going to make you wait even longer because he or she has blocked you.

All the Ways You Can Tell if They Blocked You on WhatsApp

If you aren’t sure whether your friend has blocked you or not, the easiest way to know this is by asking them face to face. And if you don’t meet often, you can message them from your network to confirm this. However, sometimes you cannot really go direct about such questions, depending on what kind of a relationship you have with someone. So for such situations, you can try the rest of the methods of telling whether they have blocked you on WhatsApp or not.

  1. The ‘last seen’ feature on WhatsApp can tell a lot about whether a person has or has not blocked you. But it isn’t the only thing that should be considered when judging such a situation. If the last seen for that friend is visible on WhatsApp, then that means they have not blocked you. Lucky you. However, if you cannot see their last seen, there are 50-50 chances that they might have blocked you on WhatsApp.But this isn’t an assured way of finding out about whether they blocked you because people generally like hiding their last seen from certain friends. And since WhatsApp still does not have a feature for customizing this list of who can see your last seen, so, unfortunately, all the contacts have to go through the drawbacks of this decision of hiding their last seen.
  2. The ticks on WhatsApp could play a very crucial role in telling if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp or not. Now there are three kinds of ticks on WhatsApp. The first one is a single tick, which shows that the message has been sent by you but has not been received by the friend yet. The second tick, are the two grey ticks, which show that the friend has received your messages but has not read the messages yet. And lastly, the blue ticks, show that the messages have been read. Now if a person has blocked you, the only tick you will see is the first one, which is the single grey tick. This, however, is not a direct method of telling if someone has blocked you. There are chances that the person you are messaging genuinely does not have access to the internet. But, if the period for them extends a month or so, then you might be right about them blocking you on WhatsApp.
  3. Another effective way of telling if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp is that their profile, including their picture, and their status seems the same even after months of you messaging them. This might be a clue that they have blocked you since you cannot view the changes and updates that they make.
  4. When we call someone on WhatsApp, it shows ‘calling’ first, and then ‘ringing’, and then the person usually picks the call up. However, if you call someone and it keeps showing ‘calling’ every time you call them, then there is a high chance that you have been blocked. While there are a few chances that their internet is not working properly and that is why your call couldn’t get through, but it cannot happen for so many days in a row. This could be like a confirming call, that yes, they HAVE blocked you on WhatsApp.
  5. Adding anyone to a group can be a piece of cake, minus a person who has blocked you. You will find it very difficult to add someone who has blocked you to a group that you created because of the restrictions and security provided by WhatsApp. You will receive errors while you are trying to add that participant to the group. This is like the last resort for you if you still have not figured out whether they have blocked you on WhatsApp or not. And this group-making could be the final way that you could find that out.

Habiba Rehman

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