How to Setup and Use WhatsApp Online On a Computer

Whatsapp has long been established as the go to choice when it comes to cell phone messengers. The app is only available to be used on cell phone where messages can be exchanged over the internet, with photos, voice messages, videos and even current locations. However the fact that whatsapp messenger is only a cellular app changed recently and was revealed as WhatsApp Web. The WhatsApp Web messenger is very simple to set up and use on computers. Previously, using apps on computers required complex workarounds. However for WhatsApp Web messenger is fairly simple to install and use. WhatsApp stores all the information on their servers, which is why accessing it over the cloud (in technical terms) has made it easy for users to access it from anywhere.

All you need to get started is your web browser. You also need the updated version of WhatsApp for Windows, Android or Blackberry on your phone. To access whatsapp on the web, browse to the following site  Once done, you will see the QR Code on your screen.


If you the Keep me signed in option is checked, you will not need to do the QR Scan’s every now and then when trying to access WhatsApp on the web. Once the screen with QR Code is ready, Open WhatsApp on your phone and tap Settings, then choose WhatsApp Web and scan the QR Code displayed on your computer’s screen. Immediately after scanning it, your browser will update to show all your whatsapp messages, etc.


Features on the WhatsApp Web

Since it is new, not all the features of the WhatsApp phone messenger are currently available on the WhatsApp Web messenger version. Facebook is inclined to introducing more features as time goes by. However currently the WhatsApp Web messenger is able to do the following:

Start New Private Chats

At the top of the WhatsApp Web messenger you will be able to see a chat icon where you can look up a list of your contacts that you can chat with. Once you are chatting with someone through your WhatsApp Web messenger the current chats will be available under this menu as well.Currently however it is limited to only starting private chats, and group chats will have to initiated on your phone first, but can be carried on in the WhatsApp Web messenger later.

Using SHIFT + ENTER To Create a New Line

There are also new features that are keyboard friendly, such as typing in a new line through your keyboard by holding the SHIFT key and pressing ENTER key simultaneously which will not send your message just move it down to the next line on the chat screen. This is because the enter key on your keyboard, just like on your phone will only send the message through and not move to the next line.

Attaching Pictures

The WhatsApp Web Messenger is also equipped to attach photos. This can be done by tapping on the paper clip icon on top of the current chat. This will give an option of your web cam to take a picture or attaching one through your saved photos just like it works on your phone.

Your browser will ask for permission to use your camera and can be denied access if you don’t want to use your webcam. However allowing it will let you use the webcam to take a picture of you.

Snooze & Toggle

The WhatsApp Web messenger also lets you use Snooze notifications to silence constant messages, and the toggle sounds. It even lets you disable the desktop alert feature completely if you prefer. Having the desktop alert feature will cause you to get a pop up notification every time you receive a message on your WhatsApp messenger.

WhatsApp Web messenger also lets you view a person’s contact info just like on your phone exactly the way the WhatsApp messenger app does.

The Only Setback

The only setback, to the whole WhatsApp Web messenger is that to chat on it, you need to keep your phone connected to the internet at all times. Since WhatsApp Web messenger is connected via your WhatsApp app messenger on the phone it is crucial to be connected to the internet at all times to be used.


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How to Setup and Use WhatsApp Online On a Computer

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