How to Restore Your AOL Profile

It is quite common for your AOL desktop to get corrupted, and as a result, you reinstall it without knowing that you will end up losing your favorites, signature, saved passwords, and other settings.                             Fortunately, AOL retains a copy of your PFC (Personal Filing Cabinet), which can help you restore everything to your newly-installed AOL.

Simply follow the steps below to restore your PFC.                                  

1. Locate the AOL Saved PFC folder on your desktop, and open it by clicking on it.

2. Open the folder that corresponds to your AOL version (which has been uninstalled, deleted, or corrupted). If      you are unsure which version of AOL you were using and multiple folders are present here, sort the folders by date and open the most recent one.

3. Locate the ‘organize’ folder and open it.

4. Right-click the file name that contains your username without any extension in its name, and select “Copy..

5. Once copied, close all the windows.

6. Click ‘Start’ and type ‘sinf’ OR search for ‘AOL System Information’ within the ‘Start Search’ and select it from the displayed results.

7. From the AOL System Information console, select AOL Software from the left menu.

8. Click the “Open Data Folder” button.

9. In the Data Folder which opens either hold the CTRL key and press V OR right click and select Paste.

10. After successfully pasting the data you copied from the PFC folder, reopen AOL Desktop and check if your content has reappeared.


Kevin Arrows

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