How to Repair Windows 10 Configuration Error ‘What needs your attention’?

Some Windows users found an error prompting them to resolve the following issue: ‘What needs your attention – This PC can’t be upgraded to Windows 10’. This error occurs, while users were trying to install or upgrade to Windows 10.

Error: “What needs your attention”?

After a look over the issue deeply, it turns out that the Error message may vary. The error could be based on the main factors as follows:

  1. Your device has a driver, app, or incompatible service. (with this version of Windows 10)
  2. Your device has some Antivirus or gaming cheat software installed e.g. Battleye/AVG.

Method 1: Try Updating your Drivers

As it turns out, this problem is most likely occurring due to the outdated drivers on your PC. Luckily, you are still able to upgrade your PC to Windows 10 by updating all your drivers. Follow the steps below to continue:

  1. Firstly, update all your drivers one by one.
  2. Secondly, return to upgrade the window. After that, Refresh it to proceed with the installation.

Note: Select the option to keep all your files.

Update all Drivers

Method 2: Perform a Compatibility Check for Apps and Drivers

This error is expected to occur because of incompatible apps or drivers with this version of Windows. You may need to delete or move such applications or files (before installing the update). All you need to do is to check the hidden upgrade log files. You have to find out which file/app/driver or service is triggering this error. Follow the instructions below If you’re not sure on how to do this:

  1. Firstly. open File Explorer. After that, tap on the View tab.

Note: Make sure the checkbox for Hidden Items is marked as selected.

  1. Tap on This PC. Type ‘*_APPRAISER_HumanReadable.xml’ in the search box. After that, press Enter.
Search for _APPRAISER_HumanReadable.xml
  1. Right-click on the file that ends with ‘*_APPRAISER_HumanReadable.xml’. Opens it with Notepad.
Open the file with Notepad
  1. Press Ctrl + F. After that, type ‘DT_ANY_FMC_BlockingApplication’ to look for the value that is ‘True’.
Search DT_ANY_FMC_BlockingApplication
  1. Press Ctrl + F. Type ‘LowerCaseLongPathUnexpanded’ to look for the file path. (File that should be deleted or moved to another location)
  1. Copy the file path or make note of it.
  2. Open File Explorer. After that, click on the search bar. Paste the file path by pressing Ctrl + V.
  3. At last, Delete the file or try moving it to another drive. (Once you’ve navigated to the file’s location)

There is a possibility, that you might find these instructions difficult to follow. Hence, you can easily perform the above steps by downloading and running the Zip Batch File.

  1. At last, return to upgrade Windows. Refresh it to continue the installation.

Method 3: Remove Cheat Software or Antivirus folder

This error code most likely occurs due to conflicts with some software installed on your PC. That software could be some Gaming cheat protection system or Antivirus e.g. Battleye or AVG. If u still find Battleye or AVG In the batch file window (mentioned in method 2), you may need to update all games you frequently play on your PC. Likewise, If you have already deleted the game or you don’t have any, then all you need to do is to delete those game folders from your PC:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Battleye


C:\Program Files (x86)\Battleye

After that reboot your PC and update yet again.

Remove Gaming cheat software or Antivirus

Method 4: Upgrade Windows 10 using Media Creation tool

If none of the solutions works that doesn’t mean you are no longer able to upgrade your PC. You still can, but you will need to consider reinstalling Windows 10 to the latest build. You can do it by downloading and installing the Windows 10 Media Creation tool directly from the Microsoft website.

Using Media Creation Tool, you can update your PC in two different ways:

A: Direct Install and Upgrade Window 10 Pro on PC, by selecting an option of ‘Upgrade this PC now’.

B: Choosing an option of Create Installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC.

Download Media Creation Tool

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