How to Privately Message Someone on Pinterest

Pinterest is not just a forum for ideas, you can also message people on Pinterest. If you are accessing Pinterest through your phone, or on the Computer, the way to message people,is slightly different. The placement of the messaging option for the app and the website is what the huge difference here is. Read the steps below to understand how you can message someone on Pinterest.

Using Pinterest from the Phone

  1. Open the application from the phone. The screen will show all the related posts to your search history, considering what your interest is.

    Using the application
  2. Right on the bottom of your screen, you will see the following icons for Pinterest.


    Click on the icon which says ‘Notifications’ and has a bubble-like icon.

  3. This is where you will find your inbox, and the messages from people if you have received any. Click on the inbox to see all the messages and the requests. Note: You cannot message anyone until they are following you. It does not matter if you are the only one following them. It has to be either way, in order for the messages to get through.

  4. To send a message to someone on Pinterest, click on the tab for ‘New Message’, which is right under the headings for Notifications and Inbox.

  5. New Message will open an empty space for the recipient. Here, you need to add the name of the person you want to send a private message to.

    Writing a new message

    Search for the name, and click on the name that you want to send a message to.

    Look for the recipient

    Once you have clicked a name, it is up to you whether you want to add more recipients for this message. You can send the message to as many people at one time as you like but should be 10 or less than 10. Click on ‘Next’ once you are done with selecting names for recipients.

  6. Your screen will show you a space to write a message now. And a heart shape, along with three ellipses on the top right corner where you will see additional settings for the messages or the conversation with this user.

    Click next after selecting a recipient
    Type a message
    The message appears like this when sent
    Settings for Chats
  7. If you want to send someone a board, or a pin, you can do that directly by opening the pin you liked and tapping the option for ‘Send’.

    Send a pin

    This will open a couple of sharing options for you. You can send this pin to someone on Whats app, email, Facebook, or even copy the link as you like. You can even send the pin on Pinterest, by clicking on the red ‘Send’  icon for the people you want to send this to. The send option is visible right below all of these options.

    Different ways to share the pin

    Once you click the red Send button, the icon changes to white and has ‘sent’ written on it now. This, in a way, is a confirmation that the pin has been sent to the user.

    Press the send icon
  8. Another way to share a pin on Pinterest is by keeping the screen tapped on the pin of your choice till these options show up.

    Send from the picture itself

    Click on the icon in the center, which is for sharing. This will again show you all the options for sharing, as mentioned in the previous step.

Using Pinterest from the Computer/Website

The only difference in the application for Pinterest and the website, for messaging someone is the placement of the icon for messaging. For the app, you have to click on notifications first, and then inbox to find the icon for messaging.

For the website, however, the icon for messaging is visible right when you open Pinterest on your computer. It is shown on the top right side of the page. The icon for messaging is the same bubble-like shape, as it was in the application.

  1. Open the website for Pinterest on the computer/laptop/tab.

    Open website
  2. Click on the bubble-like icon in the top right corner. The bubble-like icon represents ‘message’. Here, you will find all your messages from other users on Pinterest, if you have any.

    Message icon for the website
  3. To write a message, click on a pencil-like icon for compose that appears in the drop-down list after you click on the bubble-like icon.

    All the messages
  4. The rest for entering the name of a recipient and adding a message is the same for the website just like the application. The chat box for a certain conversation opens up separately on the left side of the page, while the Pins page in the background. This chat box looks the same as the one when you message someone from the app. The heart, the ellipses for additional chat settings and the conversation between the two visible on the screen.

    Search for a friend
    Separate box for chat appears

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