How to Mark a Message on WhatsApp as Unread

If you are someone who often uses Whatsapp, then you might want to read this as it will help you how you can mark the message that you just read as ‘unread’, to remind you later that this message still has not been replied to.

Why Would Anyone Find the Need to Mark a Message as ‘Unread’

There could be a gazillion reasons why anyone would want to mark a message as unread, but let’s look at some which are very common.

  • The habit of forgetting to reply
  • Didn’t find the time to reply, so marked it as unread
  • Need to be sure of your words, so marked it as unread so that you could compose your message peacefully.
  • Surrounded by people and could not reply so marked it instead.
  1. Open your android phone to Whats App.
    Assuming that I had a message that I wanted to remain marked as unread, I chose a random conversation on my phone and selected it. If you keep your finger pressed on the conversation that you want to mark, it will get selected automatically. The selected chat would also show a tick near the display picture of the chat which can be seen in the next image that I have shared here.


  2. Once you have selected your chat on Whats App, your screen shows the following options for you to choose from.
    Out of all these options that appear on your screen, you need to click on the vertical ellipses, which are your settings options for this selected conversation/chat.
  3. You will find the option for ‘mark as unread’ right here. To mark the conversation that you just selected as unread, you need to click on this tab.
    Tapping on Mark as Unread will make your selected conversation appear as an unread chat.
  4. This is how your What App application will show the selected chat as. It will show a green circle on the chat when you open the app, and will also show a green notification on the top chat icon. This is to act as a reminder for you that this conversation has not been read/ or responded to.
    A notification for you so that you remember.

How Can Marking a Message as Unread Help

For a forgetful person like me, this option to mark the message as unread could be a blessing in disguise. With so much on my mind and work, I often read conversations while I’m doing something, and forget to reply before leaving the chat. This way, when I mark it instead of sending a reply so that I can send a more sensible reply later, I will see the green notification, which will remind me that I need to respond to this conversation.

And it is not just for people who forget, or who are busy. Sometimes you need to make sure that your reply to someone is up to the point, and because you are not paying attention to the phone, or cannot type a reply with full concentration, you can simply mark it as unread, and reply to the chat later when you open Whats App.


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