How to Identify Font from an Image?

We use different types of fonts in our documents or over images. Most of the time users are wondering about the font in the documents that they download or receive from someone. The same is the case for the font on the images. To edit those documents or images with a similar font, users need to identify the font that exists in the image. In this article, we will talk all about identifying the font from an image through different methods.

Identify font from an image

Identify Font through the Online Site

Completing a task through online sites is a common thing nowadays. This saves both time and space for the user and completes the task pretty fast. Most of the users require tools for one time only and online sites are the best option for that. There are many sites that provide the feature for identifying a font from an image. We will be using Font Squirrel to identify the font as shown below:

  1. Go to the Font Identifier of the fontsquirrel site. Click on the Upload Image button and select your image. You can also click on the Use an Image URL to directly upload an image through URL.
    Note: Users can also drag and drop the image over the area of Upload Image.

    Opening the site and uploading the image
  2. Select the text in the image until you see the Matcherate It button getting colored. Click on the Matcherate It button to get the result of the similar fonts.
    Selecting the text in the image and finding the match
  3. Click on any of the fonts in the list to buy it or download it.
    Note: You can also uncheck the Fontspring and Fontzillion as they are paid fonts. Select Font Squirrel for free fonts.

    Finding similar font in the list and downloading it

Identify Font through the Adobe Photoshop

This method is simply matching the font of the image to your available fonts in Photoshop. This will not match and identify the font if it is not available on your system. However, this is a better option if you have used a specific type of font on the image and forgot the name of that font. Users can also install more fonts in their system to get more matching results through this method. This match font feature is only available in the latest Photoshop versions. Make sure you correctly select the font before matching it up with the list. Follow the below steps to try it out:

  1. Open your Photoshop application by double-clicking the shortcut on the desktop or searching it through the Windows search feature.
  2. Click on the File menu and select the Open option. Search for the image with the text that you want to identify and open it.
    Opening an image in Photoshop
  3. Now click on the Text tool and type something on the image. Make sure you select the Text layer before the next step.
    Adding text on an image
  4. Click on the Type menu in the menu bar and choose the Match Font option.
    Opening the Match Font option
  5. It will provide a selection tool. Fit it in the text that you want to match or identify for yourself. It will show all of the similar fonts in the Match font window.
    Selecting the text in the image to find similar fonts

Identify Font through Android Application

Users can simply use their smartphones to identify the font on the image or capture the image of the text and get a similar font list. A smartphone is a better choice to identify a font of a text on a bottle, sticker, or anything that you can capture with the phone camera. There are many different applications in the Google Play Store for identifying a font from an image. We will be using the WhatTheFont application in this method to demonstrate the idea of identifying a font through Android application.

  1. Go to the Google Play Store, search for the WhatTheFont application, and Install it on your phone.
    Installing WhatTheFont application
  2. Open the application and accept the terms and conditions of the application. Also, allow access to your phone library. Now capture the text from the camera or open the image from your library.
    Opening application and taking a picture of the text
  3. Adjust the image and select the Text area in the image. Tap on the Next button.
    Adjusting the image and selecting the text area
  4. It will find the list of the fonts similar to the one in the image. Tap on any of the fonts and it will provide the share/buy button. Most of the fonts can also be found free to download and use.
    Finding a similar font

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