How to Hyperlink a Word on Reddit?

A hyperlink in a document is defined as a link that redirects you to a new document or to another section within the same document as soon as you click on it. It usually appears as bold and underlined text. Hyperlinks are widely used in the content that is available online in order to give quicker access to some other content and to provide improved navigability. Moreover, they can also be incorporated into offline documents.

A Hyperlink to Google

How to Hyperlink a Word on Reddit?

In order to Hyperlink a word on Reddit, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to and sign in to it by providing your Reddit Username and Password. Once you manage to sign in to Reddit successfully, look for the post where you want to insert a hyperlink, scroll down to the comments section and then click on the Hyperlink icon as shown in the following image:
    Click on the Hyperlink Icon Located on the Comment Box
  2. As soon as you will click on this icon, a dialogue box will pop up on your screen. Now type the name of your hyperlink in the textbox corresponding to the Text label and insert the actual link in the Link textbox. In this example, I want to insert a hyperlink to Appuals. Therefore, I will write Appuals in the Text field and in the Link field.
    Type in the Name of your Hyperlink in the Text Field and Add the Actual Link in the Link Field
  3. After typing the name and the link, click on the Insert button in order to add this hyperlink to your comment.
  4. As soon as you will click on the Insert button, a hyperlink will be added to your comment box. You can then post this comment by clicking on the Comment button.
    Posting the Comment with a Hyperlink
  5. If you will click on this hyperlink, you will immediately be redirected to as shown in the image below:

    In the same manner, you can hyperlink as many words in your comments in Reddit as you want.


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