How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070522

0x80070522 is a hex code which translates as, “A required privilege is not held by the client.” It generally means, that the Windows Update doesn’t have the permission to access the folders or system components to install, download or apply updates.


Windows 10 performs everything automatically and with the least amount of input from the user. However, this same setup can still sometimes cause significant headaches to the average user due to the way the operating system actively discourages or even prohibits some basic changes to be made to the way it functions. For example, Windows 10 by default has updates that cannot be disabled through the Settings app, leaving average users at the mercy of completely random shutdowns, restarts and unplanned installation marathons.

In the case of a failed Update, the cause lies in the permissions conflict between different system apps. The error code 0x80070522 itself points to an “access denied” issue.

To resolve this problem, follow the steps below.

Use the official Update Assistant app

Make sure you are logged in as the administrator with administrator permissions, if you are logged in as guest or as a user that is not an administrator account, then logout and login as administrator. Once done, visit the official Microsoft website by clicking here and download the official Update Assistant by clicking the blue “Get the Anniversary update now” button. The Update Assistant will download and, once it finishes, run the downloaded file to start it. You will be greeted by a window telling you about the benefits of the Assistant and present you with an “Update now” button. Click it and the Assistant will start checking your system for compatibility.

There are three categories – CPU, memory and disk space – and the Assistant will place a checkmark next to the category your system passes. If you have all three checkmarks, click “Next” and the update will start to download. When the update download finishes, there will be a window with a notification and a countdown timer to automatic restart. Close all other programs and click the “Restart now” button.

The computer will restart several times and finally show you a screen with the user login screen. After choosing the administrative account, you will be greeted by a screen that talks about several new privacy options. If you wish to change them, click “Customize”. Otherwise, click “Use Express settings”.

In the Privacy section, make sure to scroll all the way down and turn off the options you don’t want to have active. Once you’re ready, click “Next”. Now you’ll have the choice of toggling three connectivity options, all of which you can turn off safely.

Finally, you have three browser security settings, which you can leave active. When you’re done, click “Next”. All three sets of choices can be changed later on, through the Windows 10 Settings app. After a while, your Windows 10 will start up and the Anniversary Update will finally be installed on your PC.


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