How to Fix Windows 10 Upgrade Error 0x800700c1

Windows 10 Anniversary update is not going smoothly for all. People have reported that the update keeps failing with the Error 0x800700c1. The exact error message on the screen is “Feature update to Windows 10, version ****- Error 0x800700c1”.

While some users have found it to be an issue with the antivirus software and disabling antivirus software fixed their issue, for some users simply by downloading installation media manually and doing the upgrade worked. Here in this article, we will see methods that helped fix the issue                                  .

Method 1: Download Installation Media Manually

In some cases where an automatic update does not work, we can try downloading the Installation Media Manually and running the upgrade. Follow Below steps to run the upgrade

  1. Download Media Creation Tool from here
  2. Select Download Tool and Run it as an Administrator
  3. On the License terms page, Select Accept
  4. On “What do you want to do? Page, select “Upgrade this PC now“, and the click Next

The tool will start downloading Windows 10. Once the download is complete, it will walk you through the update process

  1. Setup will ask you to enter product Key if you are doing it for the first time. If you are doing upgrades or reinstalling it, you don’t have to enter it. You can Select “I need to buy a Windows 10 product key” if you will be buying it later
  2. When Windows 10 is ready to install, you will see a recap of what you have chosen and what will be kept through the upgrade. Select Change what to keep to set whether you would like to Keep personal files and apps, or Keep personal files only, or choose to keep “Nothing” during the upgrade
  3. Select Install

This will complete the manual upgrade. During the setup process, your system will restart a few times

Method 2: Disabling Antivirus Software

There are several users who were getting error code 0x800700c1 while doing Windows 10 Anniversary update, were able to complete the update by disabling Antivirus software on their computers. For some users it was Trend  Micro security, for some it was Sophos Antivirus and for some, it was comodo Internet Security. Turning off these Antivirus software helped them to complete the upgrade process. Follow below steps to disable Antivirus software.

  1. Locate the antivirus software icon in the Windows Notification Area
  2. Right-Click on the icon. You should see the option Disable, Stop, Turn off or something similar. Select the option to stop the antivirus security.

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