How to Fix the Error ‘HP’s My Display Has Stopped Working’?

HP My Display is a utility to control your monitor allowing you to calibrate your screen and provide you with the best overall picture quality. Different factors can affect the performance of your display such as graphic card, room lighting as well as the performance of your display screen. This application provides you step-by-step instructions and patterns to fine-tune your displays. This application also allows the users to save various settings for their displays as presets.

HP My Display application

Causes for the App to Crash

It has been reported by several people that upon windows startup, they receive a pop message saying  HP My Display has stopped working.   There is no particular reason for this app to crash,  although there are frequent reports of crashes due to the following reasons

  • Windows Update. People have reported, that they faced frequent application crashes after a windows update.
  • Corrupted Files. There is a chance that the app’s files might have corrupted which causes crashes.
  • Updated the Application. Some users have reported that their application started to crash after they updated it.

You may also face difficulty in switching to the HDMI display.

Solution 1: System Restore Point.

Received a Windows Update?  If you feel that your My Display application started misbehaving after some windows update, then you can try to use your System Restore point to revert the changes. Just follow the steps below to restore your system to its previous state.

    1. Open your system restore menu by typing System Restore Point in your search bar.
      Go to System Restore settings.
    2. From the System Restore Menu, click on System Restore.  Windows usually creates a restore point before updating, so it should show that under the list of Restore Points.
      System Restore menu.
    3. When you click Next, it will give you a list of Restore Points, select the one which is prior to the update.
      Click Next.
    4. Now, it will ask you to confirm your decision to restore the windows to its previous state, note that it is a very crucial step and it must not be interrupted in any way such as power loss.
      Select the desired restore point.
      You must not interrupt the process.

Solution 2: Reinstall the software.

There is a chance that it could be just a few corrupted files and a simple reinstallation should fix the problem. You can uninstall this application by simply going to your Add or Remove settings,  and search for HP My Display and hit the uninstall button against it followed by a new installation.

Uninstall by going to the Apps and Feature settings.

Solution 3: Update or Reinstall your Graphics Card/Display Driver.

If simple reinstalling does not affect the software at all, then it could be mean that you need to update or reinstall your graphic card driver and/or display driver.

    1. Simply go to your Device Manager by right-clicking on the start menu button and select Device Manager.
      Access your device manager settings.
    2. Find your graphics card from the list and first update the drivers.
      Update and/or reinstall your graphic card driver.
    3. Do the same with your monitor driver. Both of these steps may cause your Monitor display to not turn on until the drivers are installed, so it is better to carry out these steps using an external monitor.
      Do the same with your Monitor drivers.

Solution 4: Disabling the service that may be causing Conflicts.

This next step is a hit and try the method of finding out if there is any conflict between the services and HP My Display application.

    1. First of all, Boot into  Safe Mode. Now, check if your HP My Display application is starting up normally or still causing the error. If it is working fine in Safe Mode then it could mean that there is some service that is causing conflict with it when starting up normally.
    2. If it is indeed working fine in Safe Mode. Start your system normally press WIN+R to open your Run Console and type Msconfig to open System Configuration Menu. From the opened menu, go to the Services tab.
      Access System Configuration settings.
    3. Check Hide all Microsoft services and hit Disable All. This is important as you don’t want to disable the essential services and restart your computer.
      Check the option from the menu and disable all.
    4. Next, Restart your computer. If the problem is fixed then you need to disable the services one by one and restart each time.  This will help you to pinpoint the very service which is causing your My Display application to crash. This is a tiresome process, and it is better to skip this.

Solution 5: Uninstalling the software for good.

If you are unable to fix the error then you can safely uninstall it. It is not an essential software and It can be removed without any bad consequences.


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