How to Fix Native Error 00008 “invalid size or checksum”

Native error 00008 when working with a compressed archive means that either the archive is corrupted, or it’s using a format that your computer doesn’t understand. This error appears with a dialog box that gives you options to Abort, Retry or Ignore, but neither of them will let you work with the archive.

The problem appears for users who have installed Zip Genius. The cause of the error is the fact that Zip Genius scans all files you right-click, for compression and other info, and some archives have a compression technique that causes this error to appear.

Since the issue is with Zip Genius, there are two ways one could go about this, and you can follow the steps below to see how to solve it.

Method 1: Uninstall Zip Genius and use another software

These days there is truly a huge choice of compression software, and if Zip Genius is causing this issue to appear for you, you might as well get rid of it and try another software. Popular alternatives include WinZIP/WinRAR, as well as 7-zip.

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type Change or remove a program if you’re using Windows 8/10, and Add or remove programs if you’re using an older version of Windows, and open the result.
  2. From the list of software installed on your computer, find Zip Genius and click it.
  3. From the toolbar above the list, choose Uninstall. Follow the wizard until Zip Genius is completely removed. You might need to reboot your device for the changes to take effect.
  4. You can now go ahead and download another compression software of your choice, and you won’t be facing this issue anymore.

Method 2: Update Zip Genius to the latest version

After the Zip Genius team was notified about this error, they have updated the software and fixed this problem. You should head over to Zip Genius’ download center and download the latest available version. Use steps 1 through 3 from the previous method on how to uninstall your current version of Zip Genius. Afterwards, go to your Downloads folder, and double-click the setup for Zip Genius. Follow the instructions of the wizard, and you will have installed Zip Genius when all is done.

This is a strange issue, and might lead you to believe that there is something wrong with the archive you’re trying to work with. However, it is a mistake on Zip Genius’ end, and they have fixed this in later updates. You can follow any of the aforementioned methods to solve this issue.


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