How to fix d3d9.dll is missing

Several applications and games report errors related to d3d9.dll file. These applications and games require d3d9.dll file in their environment in order to run properly. D3d9.dll is a “Microsoft Direct3D” dll file which is developed under a “Microsoft Windows Operating System” program by Microsoft Corporation.

There are different error messages that you will notice related to this dll like file missing, error loading, could not find, could not register, could not be located etc. Here in this article we will see few troubleshooting steps in order to fix this error.


Solution 1: Restart your system

Sometimes d3d9.dll error could be by fluke and just restarting the system could fix the issue. Restart your system and check if your application is working fine.

Solution 2: Reinstall DirectX

Some of the games and applications may fail to install and update their runtimes after new windows Operating System upgrade. In this case, such applications and games may throw an dll related error. Downloading and running DirectX End User Runtime Enviroment may fix this issue. The DirectX setup will replace the corrupted files and may solve the problem

Go to following link in order to download latest DirectX End user User Runtime.

Create a New Folder

Run the executable and extract the contents to New Folder Created


Check if all is working fine.

Solution 3: Disable Overlay In case using mumble

Overlay feature allows overlay of nicknames of user in the channel or users talking over your currently running game. This allows you to see who is listening and talking in game. Mumble provides overlay support for games using Direct3D 9/10/11 on Windows/Linux OS, and OpenGL. sometime this could also generate d3d9.dll error and you need to disable it for particular game. Follow below steps to disable overlay.

Open Mumble

Click Cancel

Click on Configure and then Settings

Check the box for “Advanced” in the button left hand side

Click on Overlay

Check the box for “Enable Overlay

Click on “Overlay exceptions” tab

make sure “Blacklist” option is selected

Add the game or app executable path to the exceptions

This will disable overlay for the application or game.

Now check your game or app if is working fine.

Solution 4: Install DirectX from the game or application installation disc.

If the installing Direct X latest version from Microsoft does not fix the issue, installing DirectX from the game CD could work. Sometimes Direct X copy from the installation disc is the best fit for the game or app and hence works. Browse Installation Disk and check for the DirectX setup. If found run the DirectX setup. Check if your application or game works.

Solution 5: Update Video Card drivers

Sometimes video card drivers could be issue and that needs to be updated in order fix this error.

Go to Video Card manufacturer’s site.

Download the latest drivers for your video card. Update drivers and restart your system. Check if your game is working now.

One of the above methods should definitely work for you. In case if this article has helped solving your problem do let us know, which one worked for you. If there is some other solution which not mentioned here, worked for you, please let us know in comments, we would love to include it in our solutions.


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