How to Fix Code Vein Freezing?

Code Vein was released on September 27, 2019, by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It raised to one of the top action RPG soul-like games within no time. It is a living nightmare filled with vampire themes including “Gifts” from different activities like consumption of blood etc. It is continuously evolving and new content is being added to it.

How to fix Code Vein Freezing

But despite its popularity, it is reported to freeze some players’ computers, which is quite depressing for the players. There are different case scenes of freezing are reported. In this article, we will try to cover the reasons why this is happening and how we can fix the problem.

What causes Code Vein freezing?

After going through the user inputs/reports and testing the same on our systems we can identify the following reasons for Code Vein freezing.

  • System Requirements: To play the game your system must meet the minimum system requirements of Code Vein. And to get the best experience out of it, your system must meet the recommended requirements of the game.
  • Access Issues: If Code Vein cannot access a certain file or set of files due to permission errors then it may start freezing during the gameplay.
  • Game files missing: The damage/corrupted/missing files of the Code Vein can result in the freezing of the game.
  • Background processes: There can be background applications/processes which are resource-intensive or conflicting with the Code Vein like OneDrive, Chrome, etc.
  • The power options: If the system’s power options are at balance instead of high performance then it might cause the Code Vein to freeze.
  • Windows Performance Options: If windows OS is not set to go for performance but for style, then it can cause the Code Vein to freeze.
  • Temporary Files: Sometimes temporary system files can use system resources resultantly Code Vein can freeze during playing.
  • Full-Screen Optimization: OS optimizes the applications & games that take the whole screen when Fullscreen optimization is enabled. It’s now part of the Windows 10 & it’s on by default. Sometimes it makes things worse.
  • Corrupt/outdated Graphics Drivers: Graphics Cards are driven by Graphics driver which transmits data between the OS & the graphics card. If the graphics drivers are corrupted/outdated, the Code Vein may experience different issues including the crashing.
  • Invalid Graphics Settings: If the graphics settings of the system are not optimal then it can make Code Vein freeze.
  • Windows Update: Keep your Windows updated to keep it clear of bugs, if there are any bugs in the system then those bugs can make the Code Vein freeze.
  • Game Mode: Game mode not enabled in Windows 10 allows the windows update to run in the background and even update the drivers, which can make Code Vein freeze.
  • Discord: If you are using Discord, then its wrong settings can cause the Code Vein to freeze.
  • Corrupt Installation of Code Vein: Many times, the corrupt installation of the Code Vein can make the Code Vein freeze.
  • Steam Auto Update: If the auto-update of steam is enabled during the gameplay it can result in the freezing of the Code Vein.
  • Corrupt Installation of Steam: If no other reason can be found, then there is the only one left and that is the corrupt installation of Steam itself.

Just don’t move on, before that log in as an administrator & please make sure that you have an active internet connection. Also, do not forget to save the progress on the cloud as we will do a lot of manipulation with the game.

Pre-requisite: System Requirements

Before moving on to the more technical and detailed solutions, one thing that has to be made sure is the fulfillment of all the minimum system requirements of the Code Vein. If the system does not fulfill the requirements, the user will suffer different issues ranging like freezing or crashing, etc. Try to play the Code Vein at a workstation which fulfils the recommended requirements.

Processor Type: A 64-bit processor & operating system
OS: Windows 7 SP1/Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2300
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 760 or Radeon HD 7850
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 35 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset
Processor Type: A 64-bit processor & operating system
OS: Windows 7 SP1/Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-7400 or AMD Ryzen 3 2200G
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 960 or Radeon R9 380X
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 35 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset

Solution 1: Run Code Vein as an administrator

Freezing of Code Vein may occur if it cannot have certain permissions of certain game files on the system under user mode. Try running Code Vein game as an administrator to give it full access to eliminate the problem if caused by the permission issues.

  1. On the taskbar Right-click the “Steam icon”& then click “Exit”.
    Exit Steam
  2. Now Right-click the “Steam” icon &select the “Run as administrator”.
    Run Steam as Administrator
  3. Click Yes.
    Allow Steam to run as Administrator
  4. Relaunch Code Vein from Steam.

If your game freezes again, then go ahead with the next fix.

Solution 2: Verify the integrity of your game files

If any of the Code Vein files are damaged/corrupted then it will have the freezing issue. Let us verify the integrity of the Coe Vein files.

  1. Click on the “Library” after opening the  “Steam” client.
    Library of Steam
  2. Right-click “Code Vein” & select the “Properties”.

    Properties of Code Vein
  3. Click the “LOCAL FILES” tab
    Verify Integrity of Game Files
  5. Wait for Steam to complete its process. If Steam detects any problem with the files it will fix those files.
  6. Now, relaunch the “Code Vein”.

If the issue is not resolved let us move to the next solution.

Solution 3: End unwanted background programs

All unnecessary Apps, such as Chrome, OneDrive or/and Discord are consuming resources in the background. Also, you may use the CCleaner to go disable apps/processes that might be unnecessary through the startup & scheduled tasks.

So, you should end unnecessary programs while you’re gaming. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Simultaneously press the ALTand TAB keys to minimize the game.
  3. Open “Run” Command either by Pressing “Windows + R” or by typing in the windows search box, then type “taskmgr” in it & press Enter.
    taskmgr in Run
  4. Try to find all the processes that might be resource-intensive or conflicting with the game in the task manager Window. Right-click on the process and select End Task.
    End Task in Task Manager
  5. Repeat the process to any other resource-intensive processes or conflicting processes. Repeat the process until no process may be resource-intensive or conflicting with the game.

Now launch Code Vein again and see if the issue is resolved.

If the problem is not resolved and you are still experiencing a problem, then

  1. Open the task manager again.
  2. Navigate to the tab of Details in the Task Manager window.
  3. Now, find out the CodeVein-Win64-Shipping.exe application.
  4. From the list shown, right-click on it & select Set Priority > Realtime/High

    Set priority to Real-Time
  5. Launch the Code Vein once again and if see if the problem is resolved.

Don’t end any program that you do not know as it may be critical for the functioning of your computer or search it online for its impact on the system. Now, once again launch “Code Vein” to see if it is working fine and, in that case, you need to adjust this setting every time you enter the game. And If the problem is not resolved, it is time to move on to the next solution.

Solution 4: Change the power option

If the power option is settled to be in balance mode, it slows down the system to save energy which can result in the freezing of Code Vein. Balanced mode automatically adjusts the CPU’s speed according to the computer’s need. Whereas High-Performance mode keeps your PC running at high speeds most of the time. Remember that the system will generate more heat in this power mode.

Now we will change the power plan to High Performance to curtail it that is the problem.

  1. Press the Windows logo key, then type control. And in the resulting menu click Control panel.
    Type Control in Windows Search Box
  2. Under View by, click Large icons.
    Category View by in Control Panel
  3. Select Power Options.

    Power options in Control Panel
  4. Select High Performance.
    High Performance in Power Options
  5. Restart the PC.

Then once again launch Code Vein to see if the problem has vanished or not. If it’s not, move on and try the next solution.

Solution 5: Windows Performance Options

  1. Press the Windows Logo key and Type performance in the search section of Windows.
  2. Then click on the “Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows” from the list of results displayed.
    Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows
  3. Check the radio button next to the “Adjust for best performance” in the Performance Options window.
    Adjust for best performance
  4. Click OK

Once again see if the Code Vein has started to work without freezing, if not move to the next solution.

Solution 6: Cleaning Temporary Files

This method is pretty much self-explanatory. There might be instances on your computer where some temporary files are either corrupt or incomplete. Whenever the game loads up, these temporary files are loaded and the configuration is loaded in the game. We will delete these temporary files and see if this does the trick.

  1. Press the Windows + R  and type %temp% in the dialogue box and press Enter.
    %temp% command in Run Command
  2. Now, delete all the contents of the “Temp” folder that opens.
  3. Again, simultaneously press the Windows + R, type temp in the dialogue box and press Enter.
    temp command in Run Command
  4. If any UAC prompts appears, click “Continue
  5. Delete everything in the folder that opens.
  6. Again, simultaneously press the Windows + R and type prefetch in the dialogue box and press Enter.
  7. Again, if any prompts appear, click “Continue”
  8. Delete everything in the Prefetch folder that opens.
    prefetch folder
  9. Finally, empty the Recycle Bin

Once again open the Code Vein to see if it freezes again. If it freezes, move to the next solution.

Solution 7: Disabling the Full-screen Optimizations

OS uses Full-screen optimization to optimizes the applications & games that take the whole screen and divet the resources to that particular game but sometimes it makes things worse as this technique tries to manage the running process and during the process sometimes it may restrict the process which is required by the game. And the players may suffer from the freezing of the game.

  1. Go to the folder

    where the game is installed.

  2. Right-click on the CodeVein-Win64-Shipping.exe application in the Win64 folder.
  3. Tap the Properties
  4. Tick Disable full-screen optimizations on the Compatibility tab.
    Disable Full-Screen Optimization
  5. Click on the OK

Open Code Vein to see if it has started to operate normally, if not move to the next solution.

Solution 8: Update your graphics driver

The Code Vein freezing issue is most like to occur if you are not using the proper graphics driver or an outdated one. Moreover, if you are using your graphics card at overclock speed, lowering it may solve the problem.

So, updating the graphics driver is always a good option to start with.

  1. Download, install and run Speccy.
  2. If speccy shows “AMD”, “Radeon” or “RX/R9/R7/R3” under the Graphics header in Speccy, go to the link to download, install and run the software to update the system graphics driver.
    AMD Radeon Software
  3. If speccy shows “Nvidia”, “GeForce”, “GTX”, or “RTX” under the Graphics header, Use the link to download, install & run GeForce Experience to automatically update the Graphics Drivers of the system.
    GeForce Experience
  4. Or otherwise, visit the graphics card manufacturer’s website. Find the drivers corresponding with your OS & download, install & run the driver manually.

Check Code Vein if it is functioning properly. If not move to the next solution.

Solution 9: Graphics Settings

Also, if your system if not one of the new era’s beast, it is a good idea to lower the graphics setting to a minimum to have a smoother experience and no freezing. For Nvidia and Radeon settings read the following:

NVIDIA Control Panel Settings

  1. Open NVIDIA Control Panel
  2. Go to the Adjust image settings with preview
  3. Click on the “Use my preference emphasizing”
  4. Put the bar in Performance

    Performance in Nvidia Control Panel
  5. Apply
  6. Click the Manage 3D settings
  7. Click the Program Settings
  8. Click the Add
  9. Select the Code Vein from the list
  10. After, make the following settings
    Antialiasing – Mode: Off
    Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance
    Texture filtering – Quality: High performance
  11. If you are using a notebook, make sure that you have selected the “High-performance NVIDIA processor” on the preferred graphics processor.
    High-performance Nvidia processor
  12. Apply and close the NVIDIA Control Panel.
  13. If you are experiencing stuttering in Code Vein, set “Screen Mode” to Windowed Borderless, set “Frame Rate Cap” to 60 and set VSync to On.

AMD Radeon Settings

  1. Open the AMD Radeon Settings
  2. Click on the Gaming
  3. Then click on Global Settings.
  4. Select “Override application settings”  from the “Anti-aliasing mode”.
  5. Choose the “2X” on the “Anti-aliasing level”
  6. Turn on the “Anisotropic Filtering Mode”.
  7. Choose the “2X” on the “Anisotropic Filtering Level”.
  8. Choose the “Performance” on the “Texture Filtering Quality”.
  9. Find the “Wait for Vertical Refresh”
  10. And Choose the “Always Off”
  11. Click on the Tessellation Mode and select the Override application settings.
  12. Finally, click on the Maximum Tessellation Level and select the 32xor lower.
AMD Radeon Settings

Solution 10: Check for Windows updates

As a Windows user one should keep his system updated. But sometimes Microsoft releases buggy updates e.g. the Windows 10 KB4512941 update gave some serious trouble to the gamers, which was later on rectified. Windows updates can address bugs of both software & hardware. So, make sure Windows is updated to keep Code Vein running smoothly.

  1. Press the Windows logo key & type update and select Check for Updates.
    Type Update in Windows Search Box
  2. Click Check for updates, and then wait for Windows to download and install the updates automatically.
    Click Check for Updates
  3. Restart your computer after the update is complete,

Then run Code Vein. If the freezing issue happens again, try the next solution.

Solution 11: Switching Game Mode On/Off

Game Mode feature in Windows 10 prevents Windows Update from performing the driver installations, sending restart notifications and allocate maximum resources to the game.

  1. Press the Start button
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Select Gaming
  4. Now select Game Mode for the sidebar
  5. Turn Game Mode On

    Game Mode on

Launch Code Vein and if the problem of freezing reappears move to the next solution.

Solution 12: Optimize the Discord

If Discord is being used then disable the Hardware Acceleration & in-game overlay.

  1. Open Discord
  2. Go to the User Settings
  3. Then, go to the Appearance tab.
  4. Uncheck the Hardware Acceleration.
    Hardware Acceleration of Discord Disabled
  5. Go to the Overlay on App Settings tab.
    Game Overly of Discord
  6. Make sure unchecked the “Enable in-game overlay”

Now, launch the Code Vein. If it shows the freezing issue, move to the next solution.

Solution 13: Uninstall and Reinstall Code Vein

Code Vein may suffer freezing if any of its files are missing/Corrupt/damaged or missing. In that case, reinstalling Code Vein will solve the problem.

  1. Run Steam.
  2. Click LIBRARY.
    Library of Steam
  3. Right-click Code Vein and select Uninstall.

    Uninstall Code Vein
  4. Wait till the Code Vein is uninstalled.
  5. Close Steam.
  6. Go to


  7. Delete the Code Vein folder.
  8. Relaunch Steam, then download and install Code Vein.

Now, try launching Code Vein again. If the game freeze issue is still not resolved, move to the next solution.

Solution 14: Steam Auto Updates

If auto-update of steam is enabled it will check for and will update games and itself during the game-play and you will suffer from freezing every 5 to 6 minutes. To check whether this is the issue, follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the Steam
  2. Go to the Settings
  3. On the Download tab uncheck the “Allow downloads during gameplay”.
    Allow Downloads during gameplay in Steam
  4. Click on the OK button.

Now, try launching Code Vein again. If the game freeze issue is still not resolved, move to the next solution.

Solution 15: Reinstall Steam

If nothing has worked for you so far, reinstalling the Steam is the last option.

  1. Right-click the Steam icon on your desktop and select Open file location.
    Open File Location of Steam
  2. Right-click the steamapps folder and select  Then, place the copy in another location to back it up.
    Copy steamapps Folder
  3. Press the “Windows logo” key,
  4. Then type “control”.
  5. Then, click the “Control Panel”s.
  6. Under View by, select Category.
  7. Select Uninstall a program.
    Uninstall a program
  8. Right-click Steam, and then click Uninstall.
    Uninstall Steam
  9. To uninstall Steam, follow the on-screen instructions & wait for the process to be completed.
    Steam Uninstall Completed
  10. Download steam
  11. Open the downloaded file and install Steam.
  12. Now Right-click on the “Steam icon”
  13. Then select “Open file location”.
  14. Move the backup steamapps folder you create before to your current directory location.
    steamapps folder copied back to the installation directory
  15. Relaunch Steam and Code Vein.


One more piece of advice is that Code Vein has Denuvo support which is known to affect the performance of games heavily and that could be the case with Code Vein as well.

If going through all the above solutions you are still facing the issues, then reinstall Windows and even then the Code Vein is not functioning without freezing than your last option would be to go for a newer high-end PC.


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