How to Fix Blue Screen BSOD Error 0x00000119

The 0x00000119 BSOD error can suddenly occur while you are playing games such as Fallout on a PC running Windows OS, and this can be rather disturbing. The typical behavior before the game crashes is that your game will freeze, and the audio becomes distorted, the computer eventually crashes with the famous and dreaded Blue Screen of Death.

If you investigate, you will likely find that there has been a huge spike in your FPS and the latency has increased sporadically before the eventual crash with a BSOD error. The root cause of the reported issues has mostly been related to the graphics driver and settings on the PC in question.


If you look up the hex-code in the error look up tool, it generally indicates that the “resource requirements have changed”.


A couple of methods can be deployed for a permanent or a temporary fix. We will discuss the available methods to resolve the issue.

Method 1: Preventive and Quick Fix

As soon as the issue is about the occur and the error comes up, you would have noticed the lag and sound distortion. Quickly press the ALT + tab key, and wait for a while, the game will return to normal. If not, try Method 2.

Method 2: Fix Graphics Driver and Settings

Most users have reported issues while using NVIDIA graphics, some on AMD too. If you are not sure of the NVIDIA software that you have installed is suitable for your version of windows, a simple uninstall and installing a DirectX has worked in some instances.

The settings on the NVIDIA or AMD driver might be the issue, depending on what your computer is having.


For NVIDIA, many things can cause the 0x00000119 BSOD when you are playing Fallout 4. The first step is to ensure that the recommended settings has been set for the NVIDIA graphics card. Locate NVIDIA graphics settings, and it should be as below:

Texture Quality should be set to Ultra
Anisotropic Filtering set to 16x
Anti-Aliasing set to TAA
Shadow Distance set to High
Shadow Quality set to High
God Rays Quality set to Low
Object Fade set to 50%
Distant Object Detail set to High
Actor Fade set to 50%
Item Fade set to 50%
Grass Fade set to 50-75%
Wetness set to On
Ambient Occlusion set to On
Screen Space Reflections set to On
Lens Flare set to On
Depth of Field set to Standard
Object Detail Fade set to any
Lighting Quality set to Medium
Rain Occlusion set to On
Decal Quantity set to High

Also, set the following, for games such as Fallout

Nvidia Control panel > Manage 3D settings > Program settings = Fallout4.exe >

Power management mode: Prefer Maximum Performance
Threaded Optimisation : OFF
Triple Buffering: OFF
Vertical Syncing: OFF

If the above does not work and the computer keeps crashing with 0x00000119 BSOD error, then you will have to do a clean install of the NVIDIA graphics drivers.

To do this, go to Control Panel > Programs and features > Uninstall NVIDIA drivers from there. Restart the computer and Windows will automatically install the latest stable set of drivers again as normal. If for any reasons, the drivers do not successfully reinstall automatically, remove them again from control panel, and download from NVIDIA website


To do a clean install for AMD, first uninstall the previous version; use the Display Driver Uninstaller DDU to completely clean up leftover settings, backup, old drivers and system cache. This is recommended because sometimes, incompatible or corrupt settings in the old drivers carry over to the new drivers.  If it prompted, you to restart in safe mode, say Yes, run it again in safe mode, hit recommended uninstall/restart button to remove completely. Update driver from to get the latest stable release for your computer. The issue should be resolved after the fix.

Method 3: Windowed Mode and Screen Resolution

A simple solution to the 0x00000119 BSOD error while playing games might just be to adjust the resolution and this has also worked for a number of users.

The below should work if you are using an NVIDIA and have a 1080p screen. Open the game normally so you get the pre-game settings screen. Adjust all the settings to the recommended settings in Method 2 and uncheck borderless and windowed so the game opens only in full screen instead. Apply the settings and EXIT.

Open NVIDIA GeForce Experience and scan for the “game” so it appears in your GeForce game library (you must have downloaded the recommended driver from Method 2). Select the game in GeForce Experience and click the little spanner settings icon. Select borderless (NOT fullscreen) and then set the correct resolution (it was on 1280×720, set it to 1366×768, or something higher). Click apply and launch within GeForce Experience, not from Steam or from your desktop.


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