How to Find Out if your iPhone is Charging

If you are a new user of iPhone it can be strange for you knowing when your iPhone is charging or not. When you charger cable is connected and the corresponding charger to your iPhone, just check the main screen on your iPhone by tapping the home button and you can clearly see current charge status. As your iPhone is charging you will see a lightning bolt next to the battery icon and if your phone is locked it will appear a giant battery icon on your lock screen. If the battery is colored with red that shows that battery is nearly dead. The level of green that shows on the battery indicate how full your battery is.

Battery percentage

If you have newer iOS  all you need to do for showing the battery percentage is:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down for a bit and tap on Battery.
  3. Turn on the “Battery Percentage”.

If you have older iOS then do the following:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Usage.
  3. Simply turn on the “Battery Percentage”.

The battery percentage is located next to the battery icon in the right upper corner and it shows you how much your iPhone has completely charged. The battery percentage will stay there after you turn off your charger.

iPhone charging when its dead

When the battery is completely dead it’s pretty hard to say if its charging or not after it’s connected to  the charger. But, leave it like that for a couple of minutes and it will come alive again. If nothing appears on your Iphone after the few minutes being connected to a charger then the battery is not charging and in that case either the charger is broken or your iphone has hardware problem.

how do i know if my phone is charging
how do i know if my phone is charging

What to do if Device is not charging?

  1. Check for any damage like breakage or bend your cable.
  2. Check the bottom of your phone at the charging port.
  3. Try removing the charger and plugging it again into your phone.
  4. Try force restarting your phone by pressing the volume and side button (and hold it until you see the apple logo).
  5. Leave it on the charger for half hour.

If nothing of this works then take your phone to the service and let them check your battery.

Tips for keeping battery health optimum

  1. If it is a new iPhone charge it at least 3 hours before using it.
  2. Use only branded cable and charger.
  3. Use a wall charger and not computer USB port.
  4. When the battery is full use it until it’s fully empty.

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