How to Delete Pictures That You Uploaded on Facebook

Facebook allows you to upload and delete single pictures, videos or albums all at once. If you have added something on Facebook and don’t want it to be there anymore, you have two options if you are the one who added them in the first place.

  1. Hide the albums, pictures or videos from your friend list.
  2. Delete them.

Deleting albums, images or videos from Facebook means that you will lose all the comments, likes, and shares of those images. And if you have not downloaded them to keep them saved, you are going to lose a whole lot of memories from Facebook.

Here is what you can do to delete the pictures, videos or albums from Facebook. Note: You can only delete videos and pictures if you are the one who uploaded them. You cannot delete pictures uploaded by your friends. In that case, if you have been tagged in a friends picture, you can un-tag yourself from that picture or hide your tagged picture from a customized list. Follow the steps below to delete images, videos, and albums.

  • Sign in to your Facebook account and open your profile, which is your wall in Facebook. You will see all the tabs for pictures, friends, archive and many more. To delete a picture, you have to click on the tab which says photos. It can either be the one next to friends tab that is right under the cover photo, or the one that is on the left side of the page.
    Open your Facebook Profile

Deleting a Profile Picture

  1. Now, if you want to delete a certain profile picture, following the previously mentioned step is not important. You can directly click on your profile picture instead of going to your photos.
    Open your profile picture. If the current one is not the one you want to delete, then go to the one which you want to by pressing the arrow.
  2. See the ‘options’ tab when you bring the cursor on the image? Click on that.
  3. This will show you more options for your profile picture. You can edit the image, add a location, download it, and delete it. If you want to this image, you have to click on the option that says ‘Delete This Photo’.
    click ‘Delete This Photo’

    A dialogue box will appear to confirm this action. So if you really have decided that you want to delete this profile picture, click the blue button that says ‘delete’, and the profile picture will get deleted.

    Confirm your action

 Deleting a Picture That You Have Uploaded

  1. On your wall page, click on the tab for ‘Photos’. It doesn’t really which ‘Photos’ tab you click, whether it is the one on the top, or the one towards the left, clicking on either will direct you to the same page.
    Click on Photos, to delete photos that you have uploaded.
    You will find all your pictures here. Including the ones, you are tagged in.
  2. Now click on the image you want to delete. But make sure it is a picture that you uploaded and was not uploaded by someone else. ‘Your Photos’ is the option for all the photos you have uploaded.
    Open the picture you want to delete, and click on the tab for Options on that image.
  3. Locate the tab for ‘options’, as we did earlier for the profile picture. Clicking on this will direct you to more options, where you will find the ‘Delete This Photo’ option to delete the image.
    Delete This Photo, is what you need to click again.

    Click ‘Delete’ when a dialogue box appears after you click on ‘Delete This Photo’.

    Confirm this action by clicking Delete

Deleting a Cover Photo

  1. Cover Photos can be accessed through the Photos tab, as well as directly, by clicking on your cover photo which is on your profile.
    Click on your cover photo, where it appears on your profile.
  2. When you click on the cover photo, just like how we deleted the other pictures, you will find a tab for ‘options’, and then ‘Delete This Photo’. This will direct you to the dialogue box that asks you if you want to delete the cover photo or not.
    Click Options, for more options
    To delete this specific cover photo, click on this.

Deleting an Entire Album

  1. When you click on ‘Photos’ on your profile, you will find a tab for albums and click on it.
    All your albums will appear here.
  2. On each Album, you will find these dots, click on the dots for the Album you want to delete.
    The three dots on each album is where you will find more options to delete the whole album.

    And click ‘Delete Album’,

    Click on Delete Album to delete the entire album. By doing this, you are deleting all the pictures in this album, be sure of it before you click Delete Album

    Once again.

    Delete Album

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