How to Complete the Discovery Queue at the Steam Store

Steam has developed a new leveling system where users can level up by completing different tasks which reward them with community badges and experience points. Each new level requires 100 XP until the level 10 after which you need 200 XP and so on. Each new level grants you additional slots for your friends but every ten levels you gain some other bonuses which can definitely help your profile stand out from the bunch. Leveling up takes a lot of time if you don’t buy many games but it’s not impossible.

Steam Discovery Update

Steam surprised its users a couple of years ago with the Discovery Update whose function is to make it easy for users to discover new titles and find new games to play. This was quite necessary because of the fact that Steam just keeps on expanding year after year and a lot of new titles are getting added every year.

Various tweaks and changes have been made to improve every user’s homepage, to start with. Now you can view games recommended for you by using various algorithms to receive personalized recommendations which are based on the games you might have played before or based on the games you showed interest for by placing them on your wishlist or similar. New filters have been added to assist you and make Steam display titles from a specific genre or containing a specific feature.

Steam has posted all information regarding the Discovery Update

Steam Curators have been added as individuals or teams of people who write reviews about different games and software on Steam and they are publicly posted on a Steam forum. If you are feeling uncertain about a specific game or if you don’t know whether to purchase a new title, you can always read their reviews and find out what the game is all about.

Discovery Queue

Discovery Queue is a great way of taking a look at new titles coming out on Steam and the games you can check out in this are usually brand new and never seen before. The Queue is updated regularly and you will be able to see new titles every day and you can immediately notify Steam about your reactions to each game. You can follow the game and keep in touch with new updates and features or you can add it to your wishlist and get notified if it goes on sale. Additionally, you can buy the game from the queue or you can indicate that you are not interested and the game won’t be shown to you again.

Completing the Discovery Queue for a Badge

When Steam published this new Discovery Queue, it provided the users to take a tour through the queue and get rewarded with a community badge which can help you level and grants several experience points. A lot of users have been struggling to figure how exactly to earn this badge but the process is fairly simple and it does not take a lot of time to complete.

In order to access the Discovery Queue, open your Steam client or the desktop version of the site and navigate to the Featured site under the Store drop-down menu. Scroll through the page until you see a text saying “Your Discovery Queue”. The background of the banner below this text should consist of photos and names of several games in your Discovery Queue.

Open this queue and scroll through the games Steam offers you. You can immediately add these games to your wishlist, purchase them, follow them or state that you are not interested but you can simply click the “Next in Queue” button located to the right until you run out of games. After you scroll through all titles, a message will appear saying that you ran out of games for today.

Steam’s Discovery Queue

After that, click on the tab of your profile name on Steam and select “Badges”. The badge you received for completing the Discovery Queue should appear right there among your other Community Badges.


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