How to Change Your Display Picture on Gmail

There are a number of people who do not put up display pictures for their Gmail Accounts. Having a display picture on your Gmail Account can give a very professional impact. So in case you have not put up a display picture on Gmail, you can do that now by following the steps as mentioned below. It is super easy to change or add an image to your Gmail account. It is suggested that you use your brands’ image/logo as a display picture. Or, if you are using your personal account on Gmail, you can always use your own image as a display picture on your Gmail account.

Here is how you can add or change a display picture on Gmail.

  1. Sign in to your Gmail Account. If you are using more than one accounts on Gmail, then make sure you are signed in to the account for which you want to add a display picture for. In my opinion, adding a self-portrait for a Gmail ID that is used for professional emails, or which is representing your brand or your firm, looks very unprofessional. Either use a logo for the display picture or a simple text which states the name of your business in the picture.
    Sign in to your Gmail account

    Since I had not put up any display picture earlier, I would see my display picture as the first initial of my name on Gmail. You can notice that my Display Picture says the alphabet ‘H’, which is the first initial of my name.

  2. Where the alphabet H is written, you have to click on that circle. This will show you a dropdown list for options for your current and other Gmail accounts.
    Clicking on the H circle will show you an option to change your display picture
    Choose from the options

    The image which says H for my display picture, you can notice a tab for ‘change’ right on the image. As highlighted in the picture above. This is what you need to click on to change your display picture on Gmail, or to add your first display picture on Gmail.

  3. Once you click on ‘change’, a new set of box will appear in front of your screen which will show you options to choose from for a display picture. You can Upload Photo, or choose from ‘Your Photos’ or ‘Photos of you’. Since I am not really active on Google plus and since I haven’t either uploaded any images on Google, my space for pictures is empty. If you already have pictures here, you can choose from those if you like. Otherwise, you can always upload a new image from clicking on the tab that says ‘Select a Photo from your Computer’, or, you can simply drag and drop a picture from your computer to this space to upload an image.
    Uploading an image for Gmail
  4. I selected a random picture from my computer. When I double clicked on the image, it appeared in this box as shown in the image below. This is where I can edit my image, rotate it to the left or right, and crop it according to my requirements. Once you are done with all the needed editing of the picture, you should click on the blue tab that says ‘Set as Profile photo’. Clicking on this tab will finalize all the editing that you did, and will set the image that you uploaded as your display picture on Gmail.
  5. This is how you will appear to the recipients who are receiving emails from this Gmail id.
    Your new display picture

    This is also going to be your tab for your Google Chrome as shown in the image below.

    Your Google Chrome signed in with this account will also show you your new display image

    And even when you are signed out of your account, where at first you would see a different image as your display picture for Gmail, which in my case was an H, has now been changed to this image, and when I want to sign in now, my account will stand out of the rest because I have an image selected as my display picture.

    The icon for your Gmail account has now changed for good with this image. You can always change it later if you don’t like it.
  6. Now in a situation where you do not like what you have put up, or want to make your Gmail account look more professional and for that, you need to change the display picture again, you can always follow the same steps as mentioned above to change the display picture as we did in the earlier steps. Whether you want to add a display picture or change an already existing display picture, the method is the same for all.

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