How to Backup and Restore Android Device on a Rooted Phone

Android experts all over the world are in agreement that backing up your phone before flashing any custom rom is the best favor a person can do to himself because it will enable you to have a contingency plan if in case anything goes wrong. That’s why today I will be showing you exactly how to backup and restore Android images on your Android device with the Clockwork Mod Recovery. However, for this process to work you have to install clockwork recovery mod in your phone.

Before you continue with the steps listed in this guide; you acknowledge and accept that any damage to your phone caused by your attempts to root your phone is your own responsibility. Appuals, the (author) and our affiliates will not be responsible for a bricked device, dead SD Card, or anything to do with your phone. If you don’t know what you’re doing; please research and if you do not feel comfortable with the steps, then DO NOT PROCEED.

Creating a Android backup of your device includes three easy steps and they are as follows:

First of all, launch the application “ROM Manager” by simply selecting it from your app drawer where all your apps are located on your device and tap “Reboot into Recovery”. Your device will now reboot into recovery mode.

Using your volume rocker keys (the buttons located on the side of your device which you use to increase or decrease the volume) to navigate in the recovery mode go to “backup and restore”

Now select “backup” and your device shall start backing up the Android image of your device. The process will take 8-10 minutes depending on the data and applications downloaded on your device. The backup will be saved on the SD Card folder of your phone in the file named “clockworkmod

After a few minutes a message will be displayed that says “Backup Complete!”

You have successfully created a android backup of your device. (Please remember the default name of the backup created will be the actual date and time at the time of backing up the device’s image).

Restore from Backup:

Now that we have backed up the nandroid image we can easily restore that image if the phone gets bricked during the flashing process or if you just want to go back to your stock rom. The restoration process also comprises of three steps and they are as follow:

Power off your device and boot into recovery by Pressing and holding the volume down + volume up key and the power button simultaneously. Your device shall now reboot into recovery mode.

Using your volume rocker keys to navigate in the recovery mode go to “backup and restore”

Simply Select “Restore” and you shall see the name (date and time) of the backup you previously created. Simply select that name and you’re restore process shall begin.

The process may take several minutes depending on the size of the backup image.

After the restoration is complete you may now reboot your device and check that all the applications, data and setting at the time of backup will be successfully restored.


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