Fix: Host Application Has Stopped Working

The “Host application has stopped working” error has often come for users while running the Catalyst Control Center. Most of the time, this error comes because of outdated drivers but sometimes it also comes as a result of the application no being able to access files and/or folders that are necessary for its running. We have mentioned two different methods to solve this error/issue. Read on.

Host Application Has Stopped Working

Method 1: Update your GPU Drivers and Download the latest version of the Catalyst Control Center

Go to this link and find the latest drivers for your GPU, following the on-screen instructions.

Once downloaded, double click to install while following the simple on-screen instructions.

Once installed, reboot.

This should fix the issue for you. If not, you can follow another method that we have written below:

Method 2: Unhide the AppData Files

Another reason for this error to occur is because of some malware hiding your important system files. Some users reported that the Vista Recovery Center malware became the cause of this issue on their Windows Vista operating systems. If you had it installed too, simply uninstalling it won’t solve the problem. The files it hid will still be hidden. In the case of Catalyst control center, the folder present at the C:\Users\”Your username here”\ folder contains a directory by the name AppData which contains files that Catalyst control center needs for it to function. When it’s hidden, the application can’t find it and hence malfunctions. To fix the issue, follow these steps:

Hold the Windows Key and Press R. Type %appdata% and Click OK. Browse to the Folder AppData -> Local

Move over to the View tab and make sure Show hidden files and folders is checked under the “Hidden files and folders” section.

For Windows Vista / 7: Press the ALT key and choose Tools -> Folder Options
For Windows 8 / 10: View -> Options -> Change Folder and Search Options -> View Tab

Host Application Has Stopped Working - 1

Now move back to the explorer window and find the folder named ATI. Right click on it and select Properties.

Against the Attributes section you should see a checkbox behind “Hidden”. It should currently be checked, uncheck it by clicking on it.


Click on Apply.

Restart your PC and try running the application again.


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