SOLVED: Download Unsuccessful “Error 940” Play Store

There are some error codes that are associated with the Google play store and often keep popping up time and time again. One such error code is the “Error code 940” which when translated to English is “Application can’t be downloaded”.

The problem normally arises when the Play store is unable to download the application for you. This can occur for a variety of reasons including your phone running out of space or the Play store application malfunctioning itself.

We are going to be sharing 2 methods to get rid of these ridiculously unwanted error. The first one will be a straightforward one and if that works for you then there is no need to proceed to method 2 which is a comparatively longer one.

Method 1: A Simple Reboot

In the first method, we will give our phone a complete restart. Here it’s worth keeping in mind that the phone needs to be completely powered off before you start it again.

From the unlocked screen of your phone, press and hold the power button until you see a menu appear.

From the menu, click on “Power off”. Remember to not hit on “Restart”. You need to manually shut the phone down and restart it again.

Wait till the device has completely powered off.

Wait for 10 more seconds before pressing and holding the Power button again till the phone reboots.

See if you can download apps now. If yes, then great; if not, then try this next method which will definitely solve the problem for you:

Method 2: Clearing App Data

As a second method, we will be clearing the application data of your Google Play store.

Make your way to the “Settings” on your phone.

Make your way to “Application Manager” on your Android device. Alternatively you might have to go to “Applications” and then to the “Manage Applications” section.

Swipe right till you find “ALL” written at the top of the list that appears.

Search the list till you find “Google Play Store”. Click on it.

From the menu in front of you, click on “Clear Cache”.

Once that’s done, move back one screen and find “Download manager” or “Downloads

From the menu, click on “Clear Data”.

You need to also clear the data in the same way for the following applications:

Google Services Framework, Google Apps, Checkin Service, Browser, Chrome and Google Hangouts.

If you don’t see all of the applications listed on your device then there is no need to worry. Just perform the operation on the ones that are there. Once you are done, you should be able to download applications again!


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