Google Pixel Fold 2 Prototype Leaks with Revamped Camera Bar, Thinner Screen and New Hinge

The inner bezel is finally replaced with a normal-looking display cut-out.

Back at Google I/O 2023, the Pixel Fold was introduced for the world to see what Google’s definition of a foldable device meant. It covered all the nitty-gritty aspects of what a Fold should have — a wider aspect ratio, impressive software support, fantastic cameras, and great build quality. However, all of these features came at a cost, a heavy cost.

The Pixel Fold looked great on the outside but was met with huge criticism for its interior. It seemed like Google was years behind the competition, but given that it was a first-gen product, there was room for improvement.

The Camera Bar is….Gone?

The Pixel Fold 2 has been pictured in the first leaked images and right off the bat, there are some pretty noticeable and interesting changes. For one, Google has narrowed down the aspect ratio, containing the seemingly same height. The front screen now looks similar to what you might find on the OnePlus Open but not as tight as the Z Fold 5.

Pixel Fold 2 | Android Authority

On the backside, we see that the signature camera bar is no longer present on the Fold 2. Instead, keeping the same pill-shaped cutout for the cameras, we see a protruding, rectangular bump. The sides have been rounded off, and instead of three last year, we now have four camera lenses.

Since this leak is based off of an Engineering Validation Test (EVT) device, it is possible that the design could see a change. Nevertheless, the Google is trying to incorporate the foldable segment as a major part of its smartphone portfolio.

There were rumours that the Pixel Fold 2 would come with the Tensor G4, skipping the underwhelming Tensor G3 found on the Pixel 9 series. The 16GB RAM option, if reportedly introduced could shape the Fold 2 to become a major player in the foldable space, especially given how comfortable and quick Google is in adapting to this relatively new space.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.

via: Android Authority


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