Google Intentionally Allowed The Pixel 3 And Pixel 3XL Leaks – Also Third Pixel Device From HTC In The Works

Google’s own branded Android smartphones have been received well historically. We did see great devices coming from the Nexus lineup, specially the first Nexus device which was made in collaboration with LG, the Nexus 5.

Although the Pixel series hasn’t been as consistent. Most of the time, the software and camera implementations were great, but everything else left a lot to be desired. A good smartphone is always a very balanced smartphone, and this is where the Pixel phones falter. Last year’s Pixel 2Xl packed an amazing camera, but the design choice wasn’t as impressive, which many people pointed out.

Consequently, there are a lot of expectations from the Pixel 3 lineup. But this year, there’s no need to wait for Google’s keynote for the phone’s official reveal, as many people have received units already. Going to the keynote, Google probably won’t have anything new to announce, expect the accessories.

Google Intentionally Leaked The New Pixel Phones

A tech news channel on YouTube, Front Page Tech, actually found out from their sources that Google had knowledge of the leaks and in fact they were the ones to approve it at first.

This might sound stupid, but there’s actually a pretty good reason. Front Page Tech, received information that there were two design teams working on the new Pixel series, one from Google and the other from HTC. So, Google wanted to continue with only a single team for future releases.

If you have seen the Google Pixel 3XL in leaks, then you know Google decided to go with a notch this year. It’s a very polarizing choice, as some people don’t mind the notch, but there are people who hate it. Google basically wanted public feedback on the new design of the Pixel series before they decided which team to axe. Google took the bullet this year, maybe because they wanted to start work on the Pixel 4 early and create a more compelling product.

New Unamed Pixel Device From HTC

According to another YouTuber This Is Tech Today, who talked to a source from Google revealed a lot of important information. But the most notable one being the information on a third Pixel device, being designed by the HTC team. It was revealed that the third device wasn’t going to release alongside the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, but if manufacturing goes well, we might see it by the end of this year.

The Pixel series hasn’t been as successful as Google wanted it to be, so there’s a lot of performance pressure on the people associated with it. Google has always been a software company primarily and that’s what they do best, but with the HTC acquisition they can hopefully nail the hardware and design part as well.


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