What to do if Gold Trading is Disabled in Diablo 3?

The ‘Gold Trading is Disabled’ message has been appearing for Diablo 3 Players while trying to trade the gold with their friends. In this article, we will discuss why this feature has been disabled and the logic behind it. We will also elaborate on both sides of the argument and spectate about the authenticity of this action.

“Gold Trading Disabled” Error in Diablo 3

Why is “Gold Trading Disabled” Error Displayed?

This Error is displayed primarily due to the fact that the Game developers have prohibited the users from being able to share gold. The only items that you can trade are white, blue or yellow gear and that too if the items haven’t been enchanted, crafted or transmogrified. These restrictions aren’t new and have been around for a long time.

The restrictions obviously make trading less fun as friends aren’t able to share any important resources that might, in turn, provide a better gaming experience. However, the game developers also have a valid reason for prohibiting these sorts of activities from taking place and we will explain that in detail below.

Why is Trading Limited in Diablo 3?

It is the trend in most games that in-game trading is kept to a minimum and resources that have monetary value aren’t allowed to be traded. This is explained by the developers as a defense mechanism to prevent third party sites from being able to trade these resources and to increase the gaming experience and the value of these items.

Obviously, if trading was allowed the third party sites would have a field day in selling the resources at a cheaper price than the developers but these resources are in most cases obtained through botting or hacking. The lawsuits against monitoring the computer resources that have been lost by the gaming companies only add fuel to this fire because it makes the account hacking and third party buying easier.

But the process can always be made more secure by putting in place certain mechanisms which prevent users from being able to trade unless they have been in a certain amount of matches together or maybe put a limit to be able to trade only if they have been friends on steam for a certain amount of time. These limits will certainly prevent third party sites by making the trading process more exclusive.

Should Trading be Allowed in Diablo 3?

Trading should definitely be allowed between friends and users who have been playing together for some while. We share the belief with most of the gaming community that instead of disabling the trading feature or limiting it to a minimum, developers should try and limit the botting process and put in place mechanisms that prevent the third party services from being able to trade.

Not only will this increase the gaming experience for the users, but it will also result in users taking a more keen interest in the game and it will provide the developers with higher retention of daily users.


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