How to Get Your Citizen One Loan Number When Received a Wrong Number on the Receipt

Citizen One online could not be accessed without having your loan number. If you received a wrong loan number on receipts, you cannot get help from the Citizen One call support. Their interactive voice response requires your loan number before giving you any other options (like connecting you to their customer support representative). Neither Apple Support helps when this happens. They say that this is not their responsibility. To get your Citizen One loan number, you need to do the following trick.

How to Get Your Citizen One Loan Number

  1. Call Citizen One at 1-888-201-6306.
  2. When the automated system asks you for your 16 digit loan number DO NOT enter or say anything. It will ask you 3 times. So, make sure you DO NOT provide any number while these last.
  3. After the 3rd attempt, the system will alert you that they haven’t received your information. Then you will be connected with the first available customer support representative (You may wait a couple of minutes before getting one).
  4. The customer support representative can find your loan number by your name after confirming your identity. Here you will need to provide your date of birth as well as the last 4 digits of your social number.
  5. Once you confirm your identity, ask the representative for your loan number as well as the amount of the first payment you made. You will need to provide the amount of your first loan payment when setting up your online account as an identity verification question.

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