Is GamesDeal a Legit Website?

The Internet is a vast place and there are a lot of different ways you can get your hands on a brand new video game title. You are probably already familiar with major video game distributors such as Steam and Origin and they offer everything you need to do before starting to play a game. They prompt you to purchase the game online using your credit card and then you are able to start the download process immediately. You don’t need to worry about anything else since these clients download and install the game automatically.


Apart from these major clients, there are a lot of websites online where you can buy game keys and simply type them in either your Steam client or the game’s installation. These sites usually offer different prices than you can find on Steam but this is the result of the fact that ¸they often operate on the basis where a lot of users provide their own Steam keys and they provide the price they want to receive for it. The website also takes a provision and that is why you can enter a single game but you can find various prices, enabling you to choose the one most suitable for your budget.

GamesDeal – Is It Legit?

GamesDeal is one of the websites which sell their own video game keys and the site itself looks quite awesome. The front page is mostly covered in top deals and it’s safe to say that there are some awesome discounts ranging from 10 to 90%. The GamesDeal Summer Sale is still active and there are a lot of great deals available for purchase.

The website itself looks awesome. Purchases are usually handled via PayPal, which is one of the most secure methods of online purchasing. The website generally sells Steam keys, Origin keys, Uplay codes, etc. A lot of people have had a lot of great things to say about this website and it appears as they are not scammers at all. There are a lot of positive reviews and people claim that it only took them a couple of minutes before they received their code. They sometimes had to handle phone calls where they needed to answer a couple of security questions but it was nothing too difficult.

The current home page of GamesDeal

However, this website does not appear on a lot of lists of verified game distributors and several users have had issues regarding the process of purchasing games. One user claims that he received a used Steam key with his transaction and he wasn’t able to get a refund at all. Another one claimed how they weren’t able to follow through their automated verification process because they did not receive their call. Fortunately, these problems can be solved easily by either a refund or another attempt of a purchase.

Additionally, after opting for a game key, one user read a message stating that the game should be downloaded and installed with a VPS client running in the background. The real reason for this is unknown. One of the possible reasons is that the game is locked for certain regions and a VPN should bypass this restriction.


All in all, GamesDeal is a website which does what it’s supposed to and a lot of users are happy with its functionality. Certain mistakes occur from time to time but the same thing can be said for any game distributor. Their Customer Service works 24/7 and they can offer help with anything. When it comes to game variety, there are more than 6000 PC game titles along with other things such as Xbox membership and console games etc. Should you wish to buy from GamesDeals, please use this link to avail special discounts.


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