Samsung Introduces New Feature for the Galaxy Watch 6 Allowing to Measure Temperature on Any Surface

The Galaxy Tab S9 series, the Galaxy Z Fold 5, and the Galaxy Z Flip 5 will all be unveiled on July 26, alongside the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. Much of the hardware of the Galaxy Watch 6 is already known to the public, including the fact that it has the same suite of sensors as the Galaxy Watch 5 series (including a temperature sensor). Samsung has announced that the new Thermo Check: LifeTemperature app will improve sensor use on the forthcoming Galaxy Watch 6 series and the current generation of Galaxy Watch 5 wearables.

In a blog post outlining the updates, Samsung said that the new Thermo Check app (now available on the Play Store) would allow users of “upcoming Galaxy Watch devices” to take temperature readings of their surroundings, including food, water in pools, and other surfaces, without having to touch them.

In April, Samsung released an update for the Galaxy Watch 5 that primarily addressed women’s cycle tracking, making use of the device’s temperature sensor for the first time. Without this update, only a small fraction of those with a Galaxy Watch 6 or Galaxy Watch 5 would be able to see the temperatures of objects around them.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Features | Samsung

According to the language used by the firm in this latest press release, this app may already be compatible with the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic, but older Galaxy Watch models will require an update. Not even a passing reference to the Galaxy Watch 4 series from 2021 suggests that it won’t be compatible with the new Thermo Check app.

The Play Store listing features screenshots that verify several aspects of the Thermo Check app’s user interface, including its smartwatch counterpart. Although Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed anything, we may infer from tools built on top of Google Translate that the app may also be able to assess the temperature of wood, plastic, and metal.

ThermoCheck App | PlayStore
ThermoCheck App | PlayStore

Even measuring a hot pan is depicted with instructions to first remove the smartwatch and then hold it close to the cooking surface. One of the app pictures, however, shows that you may safely dip your hand into certain surfaces, such as a pool while wearing the Galaxy Watch.

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Process for checking Temperature | PlayStore

The software was developed not by Samsung but by a South Korean developer by the name of Partron. Among Partron’s published apps are companion apps for smart thermostats, Bluetooth earphones, and other consumer-focused products.

Samsung also announced that the “new Galaxy Watch series” will be compatible with the improved Samsung Wallet software, which combines the company’s Pass and Pay systems in an update released last year. Last but not least, Samsung has announced that the much anticipated WhatsApp for WearOS has finally arrived this week, bringing some of the messaging app’s fundamental functions directly to the wearable (WearOS 3 and above), including the older Galaxy Watch 4 series.


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