Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Compared With Pixel 7 Pro In Leaked Samples

The S22 Ultra is also in the mix

Samsung’s Galaxy series phones have been defining Android flagships for sometime now. This year’s flagship, the Galaxy S22 Ultra received stellar reviews from most well known tech critics, and it even sold well, so much so that Samsung dropped other phones to increase the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s production.

So obviously, there are a lot of expectations from the upcoming S23 Ultra, both from the company and fans. While we know quite a bit about the phone’s specifications from previous leaks, the spec sheet only tells half the story. But thankfully, we have a first leaked camera sample of the S23 Ultra, alongside samples from the existing S22 Ultra and Pixel 7 Pro for comparison.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Sample, Source – IceUniverse 
Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera Sample
Pixel 7 Pro Camera Sample

As you can see from the image, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s image clearly looks the sharpest out of the three. The S22 Ultra comes a close second, with very similar colour science but lacking slightly in detail. The last image, from the Pixel 7 Pro, surprisingly looks very washed out. And surprising because the new Pixel 7 series have incredible cameras.

But it’s unfair to really compare colour science here, as we don’t have the reference image, and Samsung’s phones tend to saturate the colours a bit to liven up the scene.

The likely fair comparison here would be on the actual details on the picture, where the S23 Ultra clearly seems to be ahead. The pictures seem to be zoomed in and cropped to demonstrate just this.

And highly detailed pictures seems to be the S23 Ultra’s theme with its rumoured 200MP main sensor.

Earlier this year, Samsung even trademarked the Hexa²pixel moniker, likely pointing to a 6-in-1 binning technique.

Pixel binning refers to combining a group of neighbouring pixels to form a big pixel. This is where Samsung’s decision to use a 200-megapixel sensor will likely pay off. With even 6-in-1 binning, the S23 Ultra can theoretically output highly detailed 32MP images.


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