With the advent of many iOS devices built in with excellent quality front and back cameras – it is only crucial to have a good supportive photo editor in the mix; that not only supports filters and editing for the pictures but has added creative tabs that can make your photos stand out.  Fotorus is great for users since its quite simple to use and has multiple functions that usually takes two to three apps to cover. It contains the ability to make a collage, a great photo editor, has filter options, enhancement for makeup, beauty additions to pictures, special effects, and stickers that can be added to pictures.


The sticker option in Fotorus lets you choose from hundreds of stickers with cute and funny themes especially applicable for girls. This lets you apply exquisite kinds of stickers to your pictures enhancing their appeal, making them more fun and gives them a great outlook on all sorts of social media pages and otherwise.

There is also an excellent variety of collages in the Fotorus app. The collage tab in the app allows the user to choose from a variety of collage patterns and designs and further editing options within the collage tab separately for editing the pictures and adding filters to each separately. It further contains filters, editing options for each picture separately that are great for usage and let you work with all kinds of light adjustment and photo editing techniques.


The Fotorus app also has a beauty tab in its options. This one lets the user take a great picture. It also allows them to use the numerous rich function editing sections which can let you edit any blemishes, whiten the skin tone, remove eye bags and even give an overall photo-shopped feel to the picture.


The Beauty tab further has three options – filter, beauty and make up. These filters are built into the Beauty Tab and are not the same as the main ones the app has. However they are great for making pictures look great and give them a more edgy appeal. On the other hand the beauty and make up tabs allow the user to easily give a better beauty quality to their photo. It also lets them adjust their make-up and add or subtract anything that they may want too, to their overall look.

The Fotorus app contains a Pro –Edit option. This lets the user have more than a dozen extravagant and great editing functions which includes more filter options to choose from, adjustment to photo quality and even the lighting. This part of the Fotorus even contains a “slimming” option that can tone down a body shape in the picture itself. Very useful for overall photo editing as its easily available, compatible and present right in the palm of your hand absolutely free. Simply tap onto the Pro Edit button in the Fotorus app, select the picture from the camera roll you wish to edit, or if you want to take a new picture and edit it like an absolute pro. This Pro Edit option contains all the features of a pro photo editor that lets the user very easily make adjustments and give new effects to their picture without ever having to learn the technicalities behind it.

The Fotorus app is very convenient for use, is absolutely free and lets the user freely explore and learn its extravagant and numerous features very easily and effectively. The Fotorus app also contains aFun Make Up option. This may be a little curious but is for the more artsy and fun loving creative person who wants to add that extra oomph to their photo without more than moving a finger. This lets you apply a variety of fun and creative make ups to your photos that are sure to get notice on social media platforms. Once again very easy to use, you simply click on the Fun Make Up tab once you open the app and you choose any one of the fun make ups from the Fotorus model option and apply it onto your own picture. The app, once you choose the kind of makeup you want lets you have an option between taking  a new picture or using an old photo from the camera roll to put make up on and share. The more exciting part is that this tab option in the Fotorus app is not just limited to fun make ups but has further tab options which include Eye Roll and Fashion. Both these are as creative as any other fun aspect of the Fun Make Up part of the Fotorus app and let the user have eye rolling in different directions in their photos to give a funny look and even explore further into high end fashion make up choices to see what they would look like.



Overall the Fotorus app is absolutely great, it is free which makes its most appealing to the iOS users and has multiple options for photo editing that normally would take at least two to three apps to cover. The more exciting part is that not only does it have these amazing features but it also has a secret album option with passcode where you can save all your photos. This secret built in album can be accessed from the tiny settings button on the home page of the app, after which you scroll down and set up a secret album passcode and can add your pictures to it and view at your leisure with complete privacy.

Since the Fotorus app is free it does contain multiple running adds continuously but these do not really hinder the working of the app itself and let the user freely manipulate their way through it and do as they please. The app is very simple, user friendly and has a remarkable number of options for picture editing, collage making and even fun filled things such as adding movie scenes, stickers and even fun make up adjustments to normal pictures. It is definitely a great addition to an iOS users app collection, especially one that loves taking pictures.


Kevin Arrows

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