Fortnite Building Guide For Beginners

Everyone loves to score that victory royale the first chance they get at it. However, they stumble upon people who are experts at building and would probably make small work of them by their building skills.

This guide is about most things related to building in fortnite.

Having the right number of materials

The first main thing about building is to have the right amount of materials. There are 3 main sources that you will create your builds out of which are wood, stone, and metal. metal being the strongest, the stone is the normal one and wood being the weakest. There can be 500 materials carried out of each source.

It is necessary to remember that you can only carry up to 1500 materials max and that they must be used carefully as they can run out very quickly. In order to gather materials, players must destroy objects like buildings, trees, rocks and etc. The other way to gain materials is by killing the opponent and taking their material. Each time a person is killed they drop 50 of each of the sources and the materials they collected for themselves. So its 150 materials for free from anyone you kill.

Building Basics

There are 4 building options which consist of floor, stairs, wall, and roof. It is easy for beginners to get confused about how they can combine each of the build options and are most likely to waste their materials.

Setting Keybinds

It is very important to first familiarise yourself with the keybinds that you are going to use. This is necessary as building in fortnite can get very hectic and in order to face any situation, total comfort must be reached. Only those keybinds should be used that seems fit to you.

Simple 1×1 Box

The 1×1 box is a simple combination of 4 walls making a square and stairs in the middle. The player must first select the wall option and then hold left click, after that they must rotate in 360 or close in order to combine all the walls and make a square box. Once that’s done they can jump and place a stair. This way players can protect themselves from incoming fire or shoot at unaware enemies without having to worry about exposing themselves to others.

Ramp Rushing

This technique is basic and in order to perform this, the player must select the stairs option then proceed to run and hold the left click making a flight of stairs. Players must proceed with caution as others can break the stairs and can inflict a lot of damage from falling. It is also to be noted that there must be enough materials otherwise if they run out while ramp rushing death is inevitable unless you are equipped with glider re-deployers.

Continuous 1×1 Boxing

It’s as easy as doing the simple 1×1 Box except for this time the player must keep a proper rhythm and keep the aim steady to avoid choking. Minor mishaps can be ignored.

Ramp Wall Rush

To achieve this the player must deploy a stair and a wall in perfect rhythm to keep building fluidly. If the movement is too fast or slow the rush will be failed and the player will end up falling down or blocking themselves.

90 Degree Boxes

This is a bit tricky to achieve as it requires timing practice to be perfect. The player must place 2 90 degree walls and a ramp then again 2 90 degree walls and a ramp, a floor can also be added to avoid jump fatigue.

Triple Layered Ramp Rush

This is the most used method by professional players to avoid the ramp being broken quickly. The reason why it is so effective is that there is a floor and a wall supporting the structure which the enemy avoids breaking as the rusher can stop at any time to take a quick snipe or the rusher can shoot from a rifle. To perform this the ramp wall rush must be first perfected then after that the player can add a floor in a perfect rhythm.


There are times when you are stuck in a situation and you want a shortcut to things. That is where editing comes in. In fortnite there is the ability to edit the structure created by you or your teammates. In order to get good at editing a whole lot practice is required. Editing can be done on any of the 4 platforms walls, floors, stairs and roofs. Editing allows you to make openings in the structure like doors, windows and etc.

This was our complete guide beginners guide for fortnite players that are struggling to build. So grab your papers and pencils and get buildin. Good Luck!


Bill Wilson

Bill is a certified Microsoft Professional providing assistance to over 500 remotely connected employees and managing Windows 2008 to 2016 servers.