Fix: Your Computer Can’t Connect to the Remote Desktop

The error ‘Your computer can’t connect to the Remote Desktop Gateway Server’ trips when you are not able to connect to a remote system. The reason behind the error seems to be the use of HTTP/UDP connection by the Remote Desktop client. The Remote Desktop client has been receiving updates from Microsoft from time to time and they usually offer a newer version with the release of a new Windows. With the passage of time, they also released support for RDP connections over HTTP.

Your Computer Can’t Connect to the Remote Desktop
Your Computer Can’t Connect to the Remote Desktop Error Fix

While newer versions and more features are always appreciated by the community, they also come along with its bugs and issues that can cause certain errors to pop up.  However, all the issues also have their selective solutions. You can find the solution for the said issue down below.

What causes the ‘Your Computer Can’t Connect to the Remote Desktop Server’ Error on Windows 10?

Well, after a little bit of research, we came across the real reason behind the error message which is unknown to many. The error is caused due to the following reason —

  • HTTP/UDP Connection: The issue seems to be caused by the use of HTTP/UDP connection by the RDP client. To fix this, you will have to force it to use RPC-HTTP connections over HTTP/UDP. This can be easily done by adding a new key to your Windows Registry.

Now, to fix your issue, you will have to follow the solution provided down below. An administrator account will be needed as you are going to add a new key in the Windows Registry.

Create a New Registry Key ‘RDGClientTransport’

The solution to the said issue is pretty easy and straightforward. You will just have to add a new DWORD key in the Windows Registry by the name ‘RDGClientTransport’. What this does is make the RDP client use RPC-HTTP connection over HTTP/UDP connection. This is how to add the key:

  1. Go to the Start Menu, type in Run and then hit Enter to open up the Run dialog box.
  2. Once it loads up, type in ‘regedit’ and then press Enter.
  3. This will open up the Windows Registry. Now you will have to navigate to the following directory:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client
  4. You can either navigate to it by expanding the specified folders or just pasting the above path in the address bar.
  5. Once you are there, right-click on the right-hand side pane, move your cursor to New and then select DWORD (32-bit).
  6. Name the newly created key as RDGClientTransport and then double-click it to change its value.
    RDGClientTransport Key
  7. Set the value to 1 and then click OK.
    Changing the Value
  8. Close the Windows Registry.
  9. Try to connect again.

This will probably fix your issue and you should be able to connect to the remote system again.


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