Fix: WoW Error Creating Character

World of Warcraft (WoW) is one of the most popular open world online games which has been in the gaming industry for almost more than two decades. The game started off small but gained popularity after it switched its gameplay to open world mode.

Error Creating Character – WoW

People playing World of Warcraft on retail or private servers come across the error message “Error Creating Character” when they try to create a new in-game character either from Horde or Alliance faction. This error message has been for quite some while and the workaround is quite simple as well.

What causes ‘Error Creating Character’ in World of Warcraft?

This error message gained a lot of backlash for not being clear on what the error is. In reality, this error message is generated due to the unavailability of a character name. In normal scenarios, the error message ‘Name not available’ usually pops up when the name you are trying to set is already taken. This error message, however, causes much confusion.

Solution 1: Choosing another Name

The fastest workaround to this error message is setting another name for your in-game character. Like mentioned before, this error mostly occurs when the name you are trying to set is either reserved or another character is using it.

Selecting Another Name – WoW

After selecting all the details for creating your character and choosing another name, press Finish to complete the process. Now check if this works and you are able to create a character without issues.

After our research, we were able to pinpoint that there were several unambiguous reasons why you might not be able to set the name. You may have deleted a character seconds ago and might have tried to create a new one using the same name. It seems there is a problem with the WoW mechanism and it takes time for the old name to be properly flushed out of the system so it is available to be used again.

Solution 2: Making a Ticket to a Game Master (GM)

If you are experiencing this error message again and again even after selecting a new name, there might be some issues with your account. You can try clearing your cache or accessing your game from another device but if the problem persists, you can create a ticket to a Game Master. You can create this either in-game or through the support website.

  1. For creating of an in-game ticket, open the customer support tab and click Open a Ticket.
Creating a GM Ticket – WoW
  1. Now explain the situation to the game master in a clear precise way. Do not include your password or any credentials. The ticket will be responded to according to the queue already present.

If you wish to create a support ticket using the website, you can navigate (here) and make one.


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