Fix: Turtle Beach Mic not working

Turtle beach headsets are American budget-friendly hearing devices emerging in the gaming world with the capability of connecting to Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well. They offer wireless modules as well as wired ones and have expanded to several markets in the last decade.

One common issue which occurs with these headsets is their Mics. Microphones are essential in the modern gaming setup where communicating with other team members is a must. The workarounds for this issue are quite simple and don’t require much work. The problem mostly lies in the software configuration of your computer. Take a look.

Solution 1: Setting the Headset option

The reason why your mic may not be working  primarily is because the computer was not able to determine that you plugged in a headset. It might be considering your connected device as a device without a mic. Here in this example, we show how you can change this option for Windows installed on Dell devices. You can change some options if you have some other hardware manufacturer.

  1. Press Windows + R, type “control panel” in the dialogue box and press Enter.
  2. Once in the control panel, click on View by > Large icons and select Dell Audio (if you have some other program, select that).

  1. Once in Dell Audio, click on the settings and select in Advanced and select the option Headset. Press OK to save changes and exit. Now check if the problem is solved.

If you don’t have Dell Audio or some other third-party program handling your audio system, you can try checking the sound settings from main sound control and see if the headphone is disabled from there. In many cases, the headphones are disabled and hidden which might be the reason you are not able to locate them.

  1. Navigate to the control panel using the steps mentioned above and select Sound.

  1. Right-click anywhere on the empty space and make sure that the option Show disabled devices and Show disconnected devices is shown.

  1. If the headphones appear on the window, right-click on them and select Enable. Now check if you can head the mic properly.

Solution 2: Checking Mic Levels

There is a control present in all Windows operating systems from where you can change the level of Mic sound intercepted by the hardware. It is possible that the mic levels are set very low which causes the computer to not detect your voice properly and hence cause the illusion of the mic not working.

  1. Navigate back to the sound settings like we did earlier on, right-click on your device and select Properties.
  2. Once in Properties, make sure that the mic levels are set to maximum. Also, make sure it isn’t muted.

  1. Once the changes are made, press Apply to save changes and exit. Now check if the problem is solved.

Solution 3: Checking for charge levels

Another thing to see when troubleshooting the mic is to see the charge levels. There are several cases when because of overcharging, the headphones might be working properly but the mic doesn’t work as expected. This is very common as these headphones are known to malfunction when they are overcharged.

To fix this issue, hold down the mic mute button for 10 seconds and then leave it for a few seconds. Now unmute the headset and check if the problem is solved. This might happen whenever you charge the headset.

Solution 4: Checking your Puck

If you are plugging your headset onto some console (Xbox or PlayStation), you might be using what is called a ‘puck’. It connects to your headsets at one end and to the console using the interface provided. There are also volume controls which help you change the sound and mic levels on your headset.

If all the above method fails to solve your issue, you should plug the ‘pink’ cable to your computer and check the mic levels. If the mic seems to work perfectly, then it is almost certain that your puck is damaged. Consider replacing your puck and see if this fixes the problem. They cost about $8-10.

Solution 5: Checking on another console/PC

Before you consider replacing your headsets or returning them under warranty, you can make sure that they are actually broken by plugging them into another console or PC. For diagnosing issues, it is best that you use both the cables (pink and green) and try connecting them to your PC. If any sound levels are detected, it means that you haven’t connected the headsets properly or something is wrong with the connection type you are using.

If you are using Bluetooth, make sure that they are connected properly with the option of ‘bluetooth headset’ chosen on the connecting device. Make sure the headphones wires are plugged in properly and you hear a click sound when plug them.


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