How to Fix Screen Flickering While Sharing Individual Screens on Microsoft Teams on Windows 10?

If you have been using Microsoft Teams (desktop application) for a while, you must have encountered some screen flickering while sharing the screen with other members. Not only the screen flickering is visible to you but also to the people connected on the other end. It might be random flickering or constant flickering throughout. It may look a little bit like these white patches on the application screen.

MS Teams Screen Flickering

People share screens to present media to the audience in the shapes of presentations, slides, pictures, etc. While presenting, screen flickering can be a huge problem for the presenter to focus on the desired entities on the screen. Users with eyesight problems are the most affected by this problem. Similarly, the audience is affected in the same fashion on the other end of the meeting.

What Causes Screen Flickering While Sharing Individual Screens on Microsoft Teams?

After carefully and thoroughly reviewing the user’s feedback and technical authorities, we found out that this problem is generated by the desktop application of MS Teams. This error occurs when users are trying to share individual applications screen. The root cause seems to be unknown because screen flickering is due to hardware failure or mismatched software versions mostly but this is not the case here. It will not be wrong to say that this is a legit glitch in the desktop application of MS Teams which has been ignored by the official support team. Although in rare events, this error occurs due to outdated Graphics Drivers, Enabled Hardware Acceleration, or outdated Microsoft Teams.

Method 1: Share Whole Desktop Screen

Though it is not a proper solution but it is recommended that you share your screen under the Desktop category (share your desktop screen). To do so, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Teams app.
    Opening MS Teams
  2. Join or create any meeting on MS Teams in which you want to share your screen.
  3. Click Share content icon or press Ctrl + Shift + E keys together on your keyboard. This will pop-up different options on the bottom of your screen. These options will include all the currently opened screens on your PC including sharing the whole desktop option.
    Enabling Screen Share Feature
  4. Select Screen #1 under the Desktop heading. This will enable you to share your whole desktop screen at once.
    Selecting Desktop Screen Share
  5. The flickering problem should now be gone. This solution was able to help ninety percent of the users in the online community. The only drawback of this solution is in terms of security as the whole desktop screen of your PC will be visible to everyone connected to the meeting.
    Sharing Desktop Screen

Method 2: Other Workaround Solutions: (App Screen Share)

Due to security reasons, many users do not want to share the whole desktop screen. For now, MS Teams desktop application does not have a fix in this regard but there are some workarounds which are given as follows:

  1. Use MS Teams on a web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. to attend meetings on MS Teams. Sharing individual screens do not cause flickering in web mode. The only drawback in this case would be limited features.
  2. You can share individual screens in the desktop client by running the applications as an administrator that you want to share with others connected to the meeting. Running every application with admin privileges may get hectic but it gets the job done.

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