How to Quickly Fix Roblox Error Code 264 and Continue Playing

Roblox error code 264, which signifies “Same Account Launched with a different device,” indicates that your Roblox account has been accessed and a game launched from another device. As a result, you are unable to join the server at that moment.

The message appears clear-cut, doesn’t it? However, in your case, you might be logged into your device alone. Even when logged into multiple devices, this error should not arise since you aren’t actively playing from those devices. So, in this guide, we’ll dissect the causes and solutions for this issue.

Several factors can contribute to this issue. Let’s begin with the basic troubleshooting steps. First, verify that you have a stable internet connection, as connectivity problems can lead to difficulties when attempting to reach the server. Then, proceed to restart your computer and the Roblox client several times since this error can also be a result of a glitch.

Now, let’s delve into the more detailed solutions to this error.

1. Wait 2-3 Minutes Before Joining Another Game

It’s wise to wait at least a couple of minutes before jumping into another game. This precaution is necessary because joining another game too swiftly after exiting the first one may trigger error code 264, especially if you were among the last to leave the server.

Well-designed Roblox games employ the game:BindToClose() feature, which activates when there are no players left in the server. This function pauses the server’s closure for a minimum of 30 seconds—or longer, depending on the amount of data that needs saving before the server shuts down.

Therefore, joining a new game immediately after exiting the old one—while the previous server is still saving your data—can lead to the display of this error message and interrupt the data-saving process. To prevent this, allow the server a minimum of 2 minutes to save your data before entering a new game.

Moreover, Roblox servers are structured to sufficiently confirm the exit of all users, ensuring it’s safe for players to rejoin or opt for a different game before the server closes.

2. Check Roblox Server Status

Issues with the Roblox servers themselves can also cause error code 264. It’s advisable to check the Roblox server status if you encounter this problem.

You can verify the status by visiting the official Roblox Twitter account. Should you find any notices about server maintenance, wait until the servers are back to normal. Alternatively, you can explore forums such as Reddit to see if other users are experiencing similar issues.

If multiple users are facing the same error, this suggests that the issue stems from Roblox’s side. All you can do in such cases is patiently wait for the problem to be rectified.

3. Logout from Your Other Devices

Roblox’s policies prevent multiple logins on the same account from actively playing a game simultaneously. If your account is being used on another device by friends or family members, you will be unable to play at that moment. To ensure this isn’t causing the error, log out from all other devices.

  1. Access the Roblox app or visit the website.
  2. Head to Settings situated at the top right corner.
  3. Select Security and scroll to the page’s end.
  4. Click on Log Out Of All Other Sessions.
  5. Afterward, recheck for the error.

4. Switch the Browser

If you are accessing Roblox games via a web browser, the problem may lie with the Roblox cache files, which might be causing this error.

Cache files store frequently visited web pages. At times, these files may become corrupt, or the web page data out of date, leading to various errors. To resolve this issue, you may either clear the cache or try a different browser.

We suggest switching browsers as this solution has proven effective for several affected users. However, if you prefer to clean the cache, that option is available.

  1. Download a new browser, selecting from our recommendations in Top 7 Best Web Browsers.
  2. After downloading, proceed with the installation.
  3. Navigate to Default app settings in your system and set your new browser as the default.
  4. Then, open the Roblox website on the newly installed browser.
  5. Log into your account to determine if the error code 264 has been resolved.

5. Appeal for a Ban

Error code 264 could also occur as a consequence of a ban or warning issued by the moderators for violating Roblox’s terms and conditions. If you believe the ban to be unjust and wish to appeal, you can send an email to

The moderation team will review your account and provide a response at the earliest convenience. If no violation of the terms and conditions is found, you can expect your account to be reinstated.


Hamza Mohammad Anwar

Hamza Mohammad Anwar is an intermediate JavaScript web developer with a focus on developing high-performance applications using MERN technologies. His skill set includes expertise in ReactJS, MongoDB, Express NodeJS, and other related technologies. Hamza is also a Google IT Certified professional, which highlights his competence in IT support. As an avid problem-solver, he recreates errors on his computer to troubleshoot and find solutions to various technical issues.